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    WANTED: All Stadium listed (+ Platform)

    are for example the Euro08 stadiums included, what's the complete list of stadiums in the game ?
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    Game sometimes won't start

    When I click on the desktop icon to start the game sometimes it works normal (game starts) and sometimes I only get a black screen ?! any idea on why and how to solve it ?
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    Shiny FIFA - any tips ?

    My FIFA seems to shiny and blurred sometimes. specially the faces are shiny and the kits are "soft" coloured - is there anyway to make it better ? I remember having the same problem in an older FIFA Currently I have Details on High The PC, graphiccard etc should be no problem I have all...
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    DB Master/Editor - Help

    Everytime I try to Install the DB Master 2.3 (the one from the SG Forums Tool List I get an error message in Italian asking for .Net something. But I have successfully Installed the .Net Version 2.0 on my PC.
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    Recommended "Updates/Patches" for Rookies

    Hi - I just bought FIFA 07 on PC and discovered this website while searching for Updates and Patches (Roster, Boots, Adboards etc) for the game. What can you recomend / Which ones are a must have ?