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    Creation Master 16

    You're right, I just got it to work, I had to actually create a formation and mess about with it rather than just copy/assign one. It works now!
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    Creation Master 16

    I assigned a formation to each team - on the team screen it only lets you pick specific formation. I picked that, copied 4-4-2 flat. They have default formations and team sheets.
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    Creation Master 16

    Hoping you guys can help, this is my first time using CM and I have run into a bit of trouble. My project is to create 3 dream teams using stats from a couple friends and I recent season on fantasy premier league. I created the teams, added them to 'rest of world' league, cloned players for the...
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    Controller & Custom Settings Not Saving

    Same crash here, followed the directions precisely. I don't have x360csai though, I use Better DS3 and that's it. Would love a solution to this massively irritating problem. Just out of curiosity, what possible reason could EA have for the game not saving Controller 2, 3 and 4 configs? It's...
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    Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay) Mods

    I am experiencing something weird.. I've been using the 3.0 cl.ini for about 10 games or so along with MWM 4.0 Matrix db and the gameplay is great. I find the variety in CPU attacks to be better, they have scored a couple of absolutely great goals, long range and crosses. Overall much better...
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    UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch

    I noticed this as well. I haven't heard any issues with incorrect names as yet but I've only played a handful of matches.
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    UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch

    To be honest, I don't care about kits. I couldn't tell you if they are working properly or not. My only concern was for the unlicensed teams and players. I can confirm that the names/faces/commentary for all players is working. Edit: I just checked and the game is still using the default...
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    UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch

    Fine work Robbie, got it all working on the first try. Only thing I would suggest is to update your installation instructions in the archive with the stuff you posted here. Otherwise, my thanks to you!
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    Anyone perfect with through balls i.e. W

    the idea is to use the left stick to direct the through ball. I find the whole system woefully inaccurate but I still prefer it to the automatic through ball, since every so often you can place a killer pass. I also use the high through ball instead of the manual cross most of the time since...
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    Custom formations for fifa 08

    plenty of threads on this, but its from the main menu in My Fifa08 I believe
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    Loaded out players

    edit: title should be LOANED out players (LOL) Just a quick question Every season I loan out several players and every season they make between 0 and maybe 10 apps. I'd say 50% of them make 0 apps, even if I loan out a 70+ rated player to a team like Tranmere or Gretna. This was the same...
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    Keeper rooted to his line!

    Styphelus, tell me about it dude! This ATI card was a piece of **** when I got it 5 years ago. The fact that it will run the game at all is pretty much amazing. Hopefully will be running a new rig in a few months so it wont matter, and I will definately be going back to Nvidia which I was...
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    Keeper rooted to his line!

    With regards to the graphics, Fifa08 is the first one I have played on this system which I could not run at optimum detail levels. I have an older system AMD 64 2800 (1.8GHZ) with a Radeon 9600 card and I need to keep the details on low. Yes, I know my PC is basically a dinosaur but the...
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    English Premier League Managers Pack 08

    great work but half those guys are fired now LOL
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    NK FOOTBALL © - We're back!

    I think we're all having basically the same issues. Having said that, the game is still leaps and bounds better than Fifa07. The Fifa07 keeper made the stock gameplay in that game nearly unplayable, but I am glad to see this was adressed for 08. Everything was made harder for 08, which...
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    NK FOOTBALL © - We're back!

    yeah, i know what you mean there too. you take control of a player who will be in a good position to stop the cpu and then he either freezes momentarily or lunges in the opposite direction. drives me nuts too. I also cant stand how lucky the cpu gets when trying to hammer past 3 or 4 of my...
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    Beta testers needed for new features of EAFFAnalyser

    Steve, many thanks for sending out the new version, its absolutely great! I imported a few formations successfully and the rest of the features are working too. You make the game alot more playable, thanks so much!
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    NK FOOTBALL © - We're back!

    nebulachapin, youre spot on. Im getting to the point where Im too frustrated to keep playing. CPU only attacks one way, that is to dribble through the back 4 and get 1on1 with the keeper and slot it past. This is next to impossible for the user to do. CPU never fouls unless you are running...
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    Import new formations into career mode

    Steve, you rock. I cant wait to get that when you release it. I created 2 formations (after quitting an existing career to start over) but when I play them I realized I made a few mistakes, notably setting the midfield too far back. So I would love to be able to fix that now that I'm...