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  1. sonaldo

    FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22

    if anyone can upload latest version of Editor that would be great
  2. sonaldo

    Can someone explain me how to import players? faces?

    you need to download Cheat Engine and use Aranaktu's cheat table and set someone's head to Diego Costa's id (179844)
  3. sonaldo

    Fat Players!

    i created a LOD fix mod file which (unintentionally) fixed this
  4. sonaldo

    FIFA 22 instant replay bug

    I've seen this issue reported on reddit but not in any other places it's a really weird bug that prevents me from pausing or rewinding an instant replay, as this video shows: as soon as i click replay it starts playing and i can't stop it or rewind it--you can hear the buttons being pressed...
  5. sonaldo

    Riesscar’s Modest Mods

    many thanks. i've found it :)
  6. sonaldo

    Riesscar’s Modest Mods

    hi @riesscar, i'm making some kits (obviously not as good as yours!) but wondered if you could tell me what tool you use to visualise them in 3d like this?
  7. sonaldo

    Nico&BML boots

    incredible work!
  8. sonaldo

    Tutorials : How to switch the created team's kits in fifa 22.

    this is a great find and works perfectly—thank you. i've looked but can't find where the created club crests are stored? i'd like to replace my created club crest with one i made myself—do you know if this is possible?
  9. sonaldo

    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    do you still play fifa, regularcat?
  10. sonaldo

    LoW sOcKs FiX!!!

    @Skoczek does this mod rectify the 'sock clipping' issue or is it specifically for an issue with low socks?
  11. sonaldo

    Edit / view career saves?

    many thanks for sharing this great tool! i am however confused as to how you managed to make changes to your youth players given that you can't save changes with this tool? if you could explain i'd be very grateful as i'd like to do that myself :)
  12. sonaldo

    Edit / view career saves?

    is there any way of viewing / editing career saves on fifa 14? RDBM for example allows you do this with FIFAs 17-21 but i can't find anything similar for 14?
  13. sonaldo

    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity X Moddingway FIFA 14 (HBZ Mod 20/21 Season)

    the patch is fantastic, thank you. the only issue i have is with some of the boots, which clip through the socks like this: is there a fix for this?
  14. sonaldo

    New Models (shoes, body) from FIFA 21

    i've read through the thread but not sure i fully understand. basically i'm trying to resolve this 'sock clipping' issue: is there a fix for this?
  15. sonaldo

    FIFA 16 now became a one of the the least available FIFA now.

    thanks. set up a stock notification. hopefully they get it in soon
  16. sonaldo

    where to buy?

    i can't find anywhere trusted online that sells copies of FIFA 16 PC though i've found some on Amazon France and Germany i'm not sure if they'll work for me (i'm UK-based) i did find one on CJS...
  17. sonaldo

    FIFA 16 now became a one of the the least available FIFA now.

    i'm trying to find somewhere reliable to buy a code from! where did you find yours?
  18. sonaldo

    Nico classical boots

    if you know how to use DB Master you can do this yourself. basically you need to change all the values under "isavailableinstore" in the "boots" table to "1"