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    PES2008 PS3 Gameplay footage on! The video speaks for itself. Enjoy guys.
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    Fifa 07(360) early impressions.

    Fifa 07(360 demo) is actually a damn good game of football. Normally, I curse EA for it's cheap gimmicks and horrible gameplay, but so far I'm really impressed with their next gen effort. It goes without saying that it looks and sounds amazing(Althouth, the nets could look a little better)...
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    Preordered PS3 this morning...

    Gamestop sent out an email announcing that they would take a limited amount of preorders today. I was number 15 out of 16 so I made it just in time. Although, I'm not too confident that I will get one on launch day. Time will tell.
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    The Protector

    I saw it on opening night and I'm kind of surprised noone else has mentioned it. It has to be one of the best martial arts movies I've ever seen. The story's bland, but the action is insane. Tony Jaa is simply the best martial arts movie star out there. His mix of acrobatics and hard...
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    Xbox 360 Gamertag Thread

    Use this thread to post your gamertag and list of games you own. This way we can get a Soccergaming friendlist going and challenge each other online. Gamertag: Nuno79 Games Call of Duty 2 Condemned:Criminal Origins Need for Speed Most Wanted Quake 4 Project Gotham Racing 3 Dead or...
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    Is widescreen an option on the PS2/Xbox?

    Can you play PES5 in widescreen mode on the consoles?
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    Requesting a new sig.

    Can someone make me a Sergio Ramos sig? An in-game pic would be best. The theme is his versatility and his never say die attitude. You're all talented so whoever has time....
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    PESFan Option file converted for PC!!! has released their V1 option file for PES5 PC. Download it now!!!
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    Quake 4

    Anybody else playing Quake 4. The Single player experience is alot of fun. Plus the graphics are really good. Much better than Doom 3, but I think I still like Half Life 2 the best. Unfortunately I can only play it on high quality and not ultra quality cause I still have a 2ghz pentium...
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    New PC gamepad!!!

    Not only will it work on your PC, but it's also the official X-box 360 controller. It should be available NOW at you local best buy(US only) for $44.99. The editors at can't stop raving about it. I'm going to use it with the PES5 Demo and then the full game next week...
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    I have a problem.

    I can't play PES4 anymore. Ever since the PES5 demo was released I've been hooked on it. Even though it's just a demo and I keep playing with the same teams over and over, I just can't put it down. The feel is what gets me. It feels so much more fluid and real. From the volleys, to the long...
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    The future of Winning Eleven on Xbox 360. Winning Eleven Online Konami plans full 11 vs 11 Online for future versions. October 5, 2005 - Konami has some big plans for Winning Eleven on the Xbox 360. In an interview in the latest Famitsu, series producer Shingo "Seabass"...
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    Defenders during corners in PES5

    Has anyone noticed that they don't cross the halfway line during corners? I was looking for Woodgate to cross it to him only to see him and Helguera at the halfway line. In PES4 defenders always come up for corners. I'm going to assume that this a demo glitch.
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    LA LIGA | Round 3: Valencia vs. Deportivo La Coruna

    It's half time. The score is 0-1 and Baraja already earned a straight red. But the reason I'm starting this thread is Pablo Aimar. That little punk bitch just threw a hissy fit and spit in a Deportivo player's face for no reason. The ref didn't see it, but let's discuss what kind of...
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    Another year, another $50...

    I see it coming. I promised myself I wouldn't do it, but I love football too much. You see I'm a HUGE PES/WE fan as some of you may know. I play PES4 religiously on my PC all year, except for a few weeks in the fall. I spend those few weeks(last year it was days) playing the latest Fifa...
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    Winning Eleven 9 Thread

    Use this thread to post all news and media you find for the upcoming Winning Eleven 9 Football sim from Konami. I'll start it off with an article from IGN announcing the game.Link Winning Eleven 9 Announced Latest entry to hit Japan in just a couple of months, complete with Online play...
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    Spanish Primera Division on Rush HD

    From May 7, 2005 Gol TV, Inc. has sublicensed the Spanish Primera Division (a.k.a. "La Liga") match of the week to Cablevision Systems Corporation for exclusive distribution in high definition on Rush HD. Due to prior programming commitments, Rush HD will not air these...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Sig request...

    Preferably in his Portugal kit, but the Man U kit would be fine also. I'd give ideas, but I trust the sigmakers here to make something awesome.
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    Quick question for F1 racing fans.

    I want to import a F1 game since there aren't any decent ones here in the US. What F1 game would you recommend for the PC?