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    Things you can edit in Player Career Mode

    Good day! These are the things I have learned can be edited in player career mode of FIFA 14. Dunno if this is common knowledge but since I haven't seen a thread discussing this I thought maybe I could give it a go. I've made this thread on the off chance this information can enhance other...
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    FIFA 14 Barbershop

    Good day everyone, I have been playing FIFA 14 for a long time and only now have I started to learn to edit with blender. When I play career mode I tend to go deep into saves and what bothers me is that you could be in the seventh season of your save and players still have the same face and or...
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    Tutorial for game faces for regens and youth players

    What you will need: Internal Master 12 Edit Player option unlocked in FIFA 14 Revolution mod installed in FIFA Notes: 1. The pictures in the tutorial are from Player career mode since it is the game mode I play exclusively but the same steps and concepts apply for career mode. If you are...
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    rx3 master won't open

    can anyone provide help, rx3 master won't open. File master is fine, I've searched on any possible solution but haven't found one yet. Any help would be appreciated.