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    Editing Existing Stadiums

    I'm not a 3d genius, but I wanna edit placement of away fans and banners. Is there any program that I could use?
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    Generic Chants

    Is there a way to delete all generic league and region chants in the game. I want to have only team speicif chants in the game.
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    Let's Break The Fat Limit Again

    It was the guys from last year. But if someone have a clue, we can give a shot to break it again.
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    Prekazi81's Curva Factory

    Here's my first chant pack. It's from Sampdoria. sampdoria chants
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    Early Gameplay Issues

    Just want to have early topic about the gameplay in Fifa 09 First of all the most bothering thing is the unbalanced possesions of user and cpu. Mostly i have % 60 or 65 possesion on ball. Cpu rarely passes ball around and usually play it to the forwards to have a quick attack.IT also means...
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    Graphic Card Problem

    I have Ati Radeon 9250 and the game doesn't supports it, so is someone have a solution for this?
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    chant server

    Hi, is someone planning to make a chant server because i read somewhere that it's possible to be made. Also i have thousends of chant that i want to patch and share.