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    Commentary Issues In International Games

    Hi, In need of help here. Whenever I play international teams, there's virtually no commentary at all. It works fine with clubs. Anyone knows how I can remedy this? My version is from Origin (direct download). I have googled and search for similar problems but to no avail. P/S I...
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    Game crashing!

    I have recently been experiencing game crashing on my PC after downloading the Ivory Coast patch on from FVM. The PC just switches off when I start playing a game. It's all ok when you are scrolling the menus and stuff etc. No, I am not blaming the patch and actually think that's a great...
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    Freekicks - Crosses

    I don't know if this has been asked before? but is there a way to cross the ball when the freekick is way out of range for a shot.. and in some instances way out of angle I would say. I only have the option to shoot, when a freekick is like 40 yards out.. or when a freekick is allowed way near...