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    San Mamés Stadium

    I need it very much! Help me please!:$
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    We are not Brazil - we are piece of ****!

    We have tied with San Marino, we have lost Liechtenstein! WHAT NEXT? Basketball forever!:mexican:
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    What is your name?

    Hi, my name is Didzis! Nice to meet you!:mexican:
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    F**k! (very "smart" guys)
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    Imprisoned for singing in his own language AND THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN EU????????????????????:nape: :nape: :nape:
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    Who wants to play UEFACL with me?

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    LOL exams

    Post here stupid answers on exams and tsts! :mexican:
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    Jokes (not insults) about nationalities...

    ...russians, turks, jews, americans etc. "World Wanking Championship" First goes English: -One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, EEEEIIGHT!!! Second is German: -Eins, zwei, DREEIIII!!! Finally Russian: -RAAAAASSSSSS!!! **********************************************...
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    Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia - 4ever!!!!!!!!!

    Read this, and you'll understand why people in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania (AND MANY MORE COUNTRIES) don't like russia.:jambo: Video of unity of 3 nations:
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    Greatest managers ever?

    IMHO Riinus Michels!:mexican:
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    How To Survive a Horror Movie! (HA HA HA) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Best song ever?

    I'll post there greatest songs ever!!! @ Ben E King's Stand By Me!:) **** it's good! I like this version even more @ Another ******* song by Meat Loaf "I would do anything for love...
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    LITREBALL Litreball was made long time ago, in Russia. Nowadays this kind of sport is beening played in whole world. Unfortunetlly proper arena for litreball championships is only in Moscow. ( field 100mx100m and capacity - 30'000), that's why all stages of World cup occurs in Moscow...
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    Thread without multiple punctuation

    This thread was made for ultra radicals, who are fighting against evil such as "ZZbatam's multiple punctuation, which may destroy all order of mother earth".
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    Baseball and Softball???

    Tell me ****in difference!!!!:)
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    I want to appologise!!!!

    ...To everybody, who I racially abused (if you are not rus....)! In theme "Big chinese brawl" i called Chinese football players as animals, not because they're Chinese, but because they behave like an animal!:$ In theme "Ice Hockey" I wanted to say steaua, that he is fool not because he...
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    National Hockey League

    I start thread with a great news for all of us!!!:mexican:
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    The diary of a ManUtd fan from Tampa Bay I have read through this book this summer - awesome!!!:bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: Book Description A hilarious diary of a young American soccer fan, who supports Malcolm Glazer's new Manchester Buccaneers. Synopsis 'My name is Roswell P...
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    Strange Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 brothers - all were training in stupid sport and, what's most important 3 of them committed suicide and one died in mistery circumstances. :mexican: :mexican: :mexican:
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    ZZbatam La Liga face thread (request taken)

    I make La Liga faces. I shall be grateful if you could help me to find quality pics of players - especially of Barcelona, Atletic Bilbao, Deportivo, Sociedad, Espanyol. My Yeste (Atl. de Bilbao) Any advices or questions? :)