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    Using Stadium Server (10 Simple Steps)

    Hi, Tried above with Stadium Server V2 Shawminator, Had all green attachment and item below until pressed Home Stadium and made choice of nets then it asked for Pitch Mow pattern and no choice was available, pressed continue and Exception error no Pitch patterns? Therefore am missing Pitch...
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    Shawminator's Stadiums

    Found that I get exception error due to missing files as follows, Fifa15/images/pitchmow/pattern?? Trying to use Celtic Park but checked no Pitch Mow files in the download? Ant Ideas? Sorry first time adding a Stadium. How do you get these Stadiums to work with MW Patch? Downloaded Server...
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    Editing Stadium Names

    Hi all, Spent a hour or so editing all the Stadiums for the Championship/League 1 & 2 names to the correct names, but when I go into career or league etc... Old names still appear like Crown Lane etc... Have doubled checked the Edit stadium tab and all the new names that I edited are...
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    FIFA 14 After 1.4 Patch & My Thoughts & FIFA 15 Wishlist

    Well some of the most annoying things that need to go as follows, a.) The overhead clearance happens to often. b.) The outside of the foot shot again happens to often. c.) Offside decisions are too computerised let a few go that are close just like real life. d.) Rushed long ball...
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    Sepakbola/Matt10's Slider Thread

    Hi Guys, Have been using Fidels patches and cl.ini but decided to try yours etc.... So am using Fidels HG 2.0 + Farze cl.ini + the sliders settings in this forum. Got to say have really enjoyed it, you seem to have sorted the passing bug and the game is much more enjoyable. Only one...
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    Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards, ETC Request Thread

    Winter Turfs Can anyone make a Winter Turf with some mud patches and wear & Tear? Would be nice to use for lower league games. Thx.
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    UM's Goal Nets

    Hi, Amyone know how to install these EPL nets into Moddingway patch? Thx
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    World Cup Game NOT COMING TO PC

    NBA2K14 is still on a pc version although I used to enjoy the Tiger Woods golf on pc but they stopped making it for the pc a few years ago. Yes and TW Golf was an EA Sports product so I am sure Fifa will go the same way.
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    Face Request Thread

    Anyone doing Leeds Utd faces?
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    Heavy Wear On Pitches/Turf

    Ok Thx Regularcat, Not very good at editing etc.... so will give it a miss. If someone knows of any that have already been edited let me know thx.
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Ok changed the codes within the Fidel's 2.4 cl.ini as stated above and the passing error is 99% gone. But whether you play on World Class or Legendary every team passes like Barcelona? and plays you off the park?
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    ZiPouet AI

    Hi Zipouet, Tried your latest cl.ini and reports as follows, Using Fidels HG 2.0 + Zip cl.ini Legendary + Slow gameplay Passing Passing error has been erased ( Great Work) CPU Defending Very good CPU Fouls 1 or 2 fould per game Gameplay is very good only problem is the...
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    Heavy Wear On Pitches/Turf

    Hi Guys, Tried all the internet options still can not find any Slightly Muddy pitches? Maybe no has made any this year? If you know of any please give us a link. Thx
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    UM's Goal Nets

    Fantastic Nets and Flags when will the EPL Nets be ready? Keep up the great work :)
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    [DOWNLOAD] '14 Turf

    Muddy Turf Hi Guys, Can someone make some Slight Muddy Turfs would be great for FA Cup matches etc..... at lower league clubs plus its been raining for months and the EPL pitches are starting to cut up a bit. Or has this been done in another thread? Many Thx
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Bangus, Do I add these lines to the Fidel's cl.ini? (if so where?) Or do I add them? ( if so where?) Many thx
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    Regularcat's FIFA 14 Mods

    Can we use the real Stadium names with MW Mod?
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    ZiPouet AI

    Quote: Originally Posted by js121 View Post (Fidels Thread) I tried the complete gameplay mod from Fidel using MW 0.9.5 but I didn't like the issue with the players become a bit brain dead and just letting balls roll by them due to the lower stats. if there was a way to improve that, it would...
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    I have tested this With HG 2.0 and MW Mod Matrix 4.0 + the original Fifa 14 cl.ini file and the passing bug is no longer in the game:innocent_smile_1: Therefore the passing bug has to be in the the new cl.ini file's Have had passing bug with Fidel's,Waldo & Zipouet cl.ini files!! They all...
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    Rique's Assorted Team Banners

    Do these nets and flags etc.... work with Full Version of Fifa 14? Plus where are the download links?