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    Help reverting Career mode back to 2013 with moddingway 17/18 mod?

    I'm back to playing FIFA 14 and installed Moddingway mod, using the last 17/18 mod (It's a good period, Liverpool start to rise and other ain't crumble to dust yet), but due many superstar just retire right after 1st season since their age are high (Ibra, Dani Alves, Robbery, Chielini...
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    Help with kit

    So just a silly question but how do you make kit reflection layer? I mean the one like this I have habit of tweaking this and that from kit but some reflection really don't fit and ruin the kit. So I know it's a bit much but could someone show me how to make that kind of layer?
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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Could someone make this kit? I know it's from Rugby, but honestly the design is way too amazing
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    Portland Away and Jeonbuk Home Kit Textures?

    So I just happened to be on a ship for next couple of months now and decide to go back to FIFA 14 (Since I can't play FIFA 15 on my laptop, too high for my system). Since I want to edit my team a bit, I go look around and got really impressed by those 2 kit from FIFA 15 (Portland away and...
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    Legends 15 To 14 Conversion

    Tks for your quick reply, but I remember Wujek say this: This is why I ask for suggestion for replacement
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    Legends 15 To 14 Conversion

    Tks for your quick reply, but I remember Wujek say this: This is why I ask for suggestion for replacement
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    Legends 15 To 14 Conversion

    So I read the whole thread and very appreciate for you guys effort, I finally can have my beckham tks to your work. Still may I ask for some more help? Well I get the head and face of Beckham from FV.Bart: , it's cool, still as mention before the hair...
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    Face Request Thread

    Can some one please make this David Beckham when he is young? Tks guys in advance!
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    FIFA 14 Manager Career Mode - Can Players Change Positions/Roles Naturally?

    Aloha! Straight to the point: could player change their position on their own in manager career mode if getting play in other position than their original one? I mean Bale is CF now but I want him back as LB as he started since there are many attacker with high potential but not many defender...
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    Face Request Thread

    May I request young Beckham, the one before all those tattoos,..., please? Fifa 13 has some perfect spot on CF but they are just like the real Beckham at that time: skinny, too many bone, wrinkles and aged. I just want to bring the good MU old time Beckham back. Thanks in advance.
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    FIFA 13 How To Thread

    Hello everyone. Could somebody please show me how to make those reflex bump? I edit a pair of shoes for my own use, the shoe is good, the bump is ready but the reflex, I don't know how to make them. Same goes with kits and they look like wrapping in some kind of plastic. Please, somebody tell me...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello I'm Alex Yoo and MU is awesome! (well that's all I can think out right now)