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  1. daniel.ok

    Latest FIFA 20 update Issue

    "Added Guarani and Barcelona SC to CONMEBOL competitions". Someone sees these teams or I'm blind. nothing ... I've downloaded the lastest squads and updated the game...
  2. daniel.ok

    Fans Scarves Color

    Any idea what do I have to change in order to change Fans Scarves Colors? I've tried to edit the colors from team.txt bit no use... Thanks!
  3. daniel.ok

    Daniels's Graphics

    After a while i came back with some graphics. I the past (FIFA 16) i enjoyed building stadiums! My first work - Banners. Universitatea Craiova - ID 308.
  4. daniel.ok

    Frosty & Textures with Alpha (Transparent)

    Hello! Somebody knows how to import banners textures with transparent parts into the game? I've tried and the transparent part it's black in the game ... Thank you! Daniel
  5. daniel.ok

    how to add faces

    hi guys. can someone can tell me how to add fifa 20 faces for generic players? i've tried to add fbmods but nothing appears in-game
  6. daniel.ok

    Banners Issue

    I've noticed that when I update a banner for a team, the transparent gaps between banners in game appears either black (if i import a PNG), either white (if I import a DDS). Obviously I used the latest Frosty Suite to import the files? It's any solution to this? To keep the transparency of the...
  7. daniel.ok

    Maybe it's too late, but ... this is the gameplay to play 16

    Since I played Fifa 16 for the first time, the Women gameplay looked much fluid to me vs Men. I've tried a lot of things to switch this to Men (edit models, change values in DB, etc). A couple of days ago I've reinstalled FIFA and I had the idea to rescale all male models to a height of 150 cm...
  8. daniel.ok

    EDIT Time & Weather On WC Game Mode

    Can someone help with this issue: I want to make available in menu all time & weather types for WC game mode. It's this possible? Maybe hard-code this via locale.ini file? Best Regards, Daniel
  9. daniel.ok

    New Teams - Keep the career mode working!

    I want to add new teams in one league, but keep career mode working 100%. I plan to do the following: 1. Add with CM16 the new team (XXX) (Kits, Team Info, Roosters, Formations, etc) 2. Place this team (XXX) in Rest of the World 3. Swap this team (XXX) with the one i want to replace from league...
  10. daniel.ok

    Restore Old Forum Layout - New One is Trash!

    Well, sorry for saying this but the new forum is Garbage, just Garbage! Probably the admin's can see this in the number of daily unique visitors on the page. There is any chance to restore the previous setup? (let's not reinvent the wheel guys, it was good for so many years, why change it?!)...
  11. daniel.ok

    Daniel's Stadiums

    Here I will post my FIFA stadiums work! First stadium to be updated & release is La Rosaleda - Malaga CF. - model updates - texture updates - double electronic adboards - commercial carpets - super realistic grass - and much more! stay tuned! image free hosting
  12. daniel.ok

    Swap Women bodies with Men

    Here is my problem. I find the FIFA women's gameplay much better than men. If I replace Gender value 0 to 1 for all men player in DB all men teams plays like women (which is what I want) but the side effect is that all men now have women body. So, i need to swap women bodies with men ones...
  13. daniel.ok

    Overwrite Players Attributes

    Is there any way to overwrite the players attributes (eg: Speed, Volleys, etc) without altering the database? I mean via cl.ini or a script made by Iard, or anything else ... Basically I want for example that all players have Agility attribute = 99 but the database to remain the same. Please...
  14. daniel.ok

    How to build stadiums?

    Hello guys. I really want to learn building FIFA stadiums. It's a lot of stuff to learn, so I decided to open this thread in order to make the info available to all. So, my first question for today: 1. Why when I try to export stadium model/textures from blender it only exports me a file of...
  15. daniel.ok

    Competition In Tournament Mode

    It is possible to create a competition (Champions League) and be playable from Tournament Mode? If yes, it is possible to assign it specific adboards, stadium details, etc? Thanks! Daniel
  16. daniel.ok

    Editing Lighting In FIFA

    can someone more experienced can tell me if it's possible to edit the light level in fifa? I don't mean editing "Glare Files". For example i find the light in day/sunset match being to bright? what files do I have to edit (if possible)? it depends of the stadium you play, the country...
  17. daniel.ok

    Female Movements To Mens Matches

    Hello guys! FIFA 16 it's a game with good potential, but after playing a lot of DEMO16 games i have 1 conclusion: - Women gameplay it's a lot better than boys due to far better player movements on the pitch (I'm not referring to AI, but to movements, running, etc. only) So i've made some...
  18. daniel.ok

    I Should Have Searched

  19. daniel.ok

    Fifa 13 demo

    Any idea when it will appear?