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  1. Giampaolo76

    FIREBIRD 2022 [PES 6]

    Firebird 2021/2022 Five (5) full official Leagues (English/Spanish/Italian/French/German) are included. Also, 4 Primeira Liga and 4 Eredevisie Clubs, 12 Second Division clubs (for a better Master League challenge) and many other UEFA Clubs, as always, to enjoy playing on UEFA Champions...
  2. Giampaolo76

    How to insert faces?

    Hi guys, after a year of activity I went back to playing Fifa and I immediately saw how bad the default faces are this year too. I would like to ask kindly, how to insert new ones. I have already tried to insert some packs but except for a few players (whose ID has remained unchanged) I have not...
  3. Giampaolo76

    Work in progress...

    Hi guys, i'd like to get some help for a patch i'm working on. I wish it was ready for Christmas and will be updated to 2020, anyone here?
  4. Giampaolo76

    Squads Update - Season 2019/2020

    Hello guys, now that transfer market is over and @Nevil72 has released his Mod, I have resumed editing. I would like to be able to accomplish these things no later than Christmas: - Missing transfer market updates (done!) - Update of the Serie A, EPL, Liga and Ligue 1 players overall to the...
  5. Giampaolo76

    Help me! FE + FMM?

    Hi, I'm a new FIFA player on PC. I have seen that's possible patch the game with Frosty Mod Manager and I did it downlading Kit, New Faces, Squads... I also knew that I can put in the game new scoreboard with Frosty Editor and i did it but... How can i have both patch in the game? If i launch...