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  1. marcas

    Spam bombing!?

    All of the sudden we appear to have been invaded by spam-bots :(
  2. marcas

    [SUGGESTION] Strikethrough BBCode

    It could be useful if we had a code to create strike-through text. Maybe with the code: ABC -or- ABC to create: Example of usage is when editing a post, and the user still wants to leave "old" info available. I am sure there are other uses too.
  3. marcas

    [HELP NEEDED] Photoshop running slow

    After using PS for 30-60 mins, it suddenly gets slower and slower. It lags big time, even if I just try to use the marquee tool or crop tool. If I close it down and restart it, it works smooth again... until it starts to lag again after 30-60 min. I am working on files less than 50 MB...
  4. marcas

    [PATCH] .cmp - Fantasy Teams / Players for Fifa 16

    I plan to release my fantasy teams, players etc. in this thread. You are welcome to do the same. First release: RuffNecks, celebrities in a fantasy team patch for FIFA 16. SUBS / RESERVES: This team is made up of players that are known to be superheroes, fighters, or simply just bad-ass...
  5. marcas

    Control Panel options not visible anymore (?)

    I cannot access the drop-down menus on the SEARCH and CP TOOLS anymore. Neither can I push any buttons in the message UI (like insert IMG, link, or even make text BOLD). Is it just me? EDIT: SOLVED
  6. marcas

    [PATCH CM16] United Football League (Philippines) .cmp for FIFA 16

    United Football League (Philippines) Includes: Generic faces. Mini-pics (mostly generic). Kits (generic or duplicated from other teams). Banners + flags (very basic). Squads from 2016. OVR Ratings not accurate. Player positions are more accurate. Please use this as you wish. If you make ANY...
  7. marcas

    Philippines League & National Team CMP

    Here is Philippines National team Azkals (2016) for FIFA 16. EDIT: Philippines National team (2017) further down the thread! Included: 60 Filipino players 2014 Puma kits + 2 Alternate kit designs (Credits: runaway42) 2013 Puma kits (Credits: vantastic20) Minifaces Banners & Flags News images...
  8. marcas

    [CM 16 PATCH] Swedish Teams

    I have created for myself, a 2nd division Swedish league; Superettan. Most teams are NOT realistically accurate, and some players are even fictional. A few teams were ripped off from previous FIFA games but are not included in FIFA 16 because they got relegated from the highest league...