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  1. MarlonRios10


    Hello modding community last year I made FIFA Ecuador MOD, this year I wanna go further. I am please to present the Conmebol Expansion for FIFA 22 As you know this is a very long work, so I am looking for people who can help me to finish this great mod (Kits, faces, graphics, anything) the plan...
  2. MarlonRios10

    FIFA 21 Theme For FIFA 20

    Hi friends if you want to feel like you are plying FIFA 21 this theme could help you. LINK:
  3. MarlonRios10

    Ecuadorian League MOD

    The only patch that brings Liga Pro to the Game. Play with your favortie ecuadorian team to conquer Ecuador, America or The world. Features Complete and Career modo playable Liga Pro Ecuador with 16 Teams and real trophy Players with complete stats aparences and mini faces for Ecuadorians teams...
  4. MarlonRios10

    Ecuadorian League Patch (In Progress)

    Hi every one i am creating a patch about The Liga Pro Ecuador, I having a great progress and I am looking for people who could colaborate with me to makle this patch. I really hope this mod could be complete, I really wish latin and ecuadorian modders could make a great work editing. CARRER...