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    es da es®

    nike numbers 19 my friend's template Anamorph 7 colors
  2. Tavadi

    Lost font after updating the mod

    ModdingWay Mod Update 27.0.0 after the fashion was established, the srift disappeared in the game menu, now you can not enter the career, you can not see the names of the tasks, etc. How to fix it?
  3. Tavadi

    with the CMP import problems

    Hello. I have problems with the import format CMP, no league, no team, no stadiums, it gives the exact same error - "denied access on the road "stadium_16rx.3"". but the fact is that I do not have a stadium id 16, I checked the computer, there is nothing like I do not know what to do. Thanks...
  4. Tavadi

    Crashing Game

    My problem is that after editing original sets from EA with some clubs the game just crashes. Example, the original form of Leganes and Llagostera (Adelante League) I changed the captain's armband, then through CM15 install them. I go to the game, choose the commands for a friendly match and the...
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    Tavadi's Minifaces