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    CL Kits Problems

    Hi guys, how can i separate clubs from their CL Kits so i can turn those teams in other teams in pes 2010 (for example in pes 2010 there are two liverpool, two inter milan ecc.)
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    Create Teams

    Hi guys, how to create teams in pes 2012? (more than there are in game)
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    Scoreboards conversion

    Hi guys, is it possibile ti convert a pack of fifa 12 scoreboards up to fifa 15 and use kinda one for competition? Can Someone convert them for me, if i send all of them?
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    FIFA 14 MOD 2010/11

    Ho guys, i would be glad ti make a mod for fifa 14 containing the full 2008/09 season. I found an old CSV for football manager, so i decoder ti start. Will you help me? (For stats and kits we can convert the ones from old fifa mods)(soon i'll publish the list of teams)