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    Shoe Sites Online?

    Are there any real good sites where i can buy shoes online? Like but another site??? :bob:
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    Roster Update Download Problem?

    Anyone else have this problem? i Cant download latest rosters, so i cant play online. Irritating.
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    Favourite Teams For Rank Matches?

    What are your favourite teams to play as in rank match? Mine are Valencia, Man United, Inter, England, and Germany.
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    Are there any unlockables in 07? Like the world XI?
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    X360 Games List (Through to 2007)

    Some hot new releases here, copied off another forum: It certainly is impressive. I would love to see a list of awesome games for the PS3 if anyone has one?
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    Lol I Bet He Regrets Hitting 'Post New Thread' :boohoo: :boohoo: :lui:
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    FM2006 Gold Demo: Hot Player Purchases

    Anyone found any really decent players in this game? Moutinho of Sporting CP plays very well when i bought him.
  8. L FIFA 06 Review Pretty good.
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    UCL Matchday 2 Highlights?

    Have they been posted yet? The matchday 1 highlight vids were awesome. Can someone find the matchday 2 ones?
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    Al Yankovich interviews Eminem

    sorry if its been posted before haha (6) know what im saying :fool:
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    Persuasive Speech?? Anyone?

    I need a persuasive speech and i need to write it this weekend, but i have absoloutely no time to do it, and i cant get out of it. I was wondering if anyone has one on their PC and would want to post it or send it to me? I would be forever greatful and you would from then on be regognized...
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    London Underground Explosions

    WTF just happened? im watching CNN right now and it seems that underground was attacked?
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    UEFA Women's Championship 2005 Fantasy Football Once you have registered, go to leagues and enter the code 677-88 It will be fun. No one really knows anything about this so it will be great fun. Register soon because it starts in 5 days!
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    The Best Moment To Use Subs?

    At what time in the game is it the right time to make subs (providing there are no injuries and everyone is around the same)? I always do my subs at HT but ive talked to people that do it at the hour mark or at 70 minutes. What do you do?
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    [P+R] Chelsea vs Manchester United [LEAGUE CUP SF]

    League cup semi final tonight. Who will win? United have never lost in a domestic cup semi final with SAF. Ferguson will be bringing back Saha from injury for this game, either as a sub or a starter. Ferguson was going to field a young 2nd string player team but has now included some...
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    Voting: Kits

    Please vote for which home kit and away kit you want for our team. Please keep the voting format the same, and only post once in this thread.
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    Are you a hacker? :( :rolleyes:
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    Online Security Cameras !!!

    LOL these are fun to watch :P (check bottom right cam)
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    Abit excessive collection.. He didnt need to buy that many did he? :crazyboy:
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    Best TV Themes?

    What are your favourite tv themes? Im making a big list on my Ipod. So far i have: Baywatch Cheers Please post yours.