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    As you all know Kaka won the fifa world player of the year award. He deserves it but what i dont understand and disagree with is..... 2. L.Messi 3. C.Ronaldo What the hell was that....How did Leo Messi have a better season than ronaldo?? Yes...there were a few moments here and there...
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    What are your settings for PES5?

    Can everyone tell me your settings for the game cuz the pitch of some of the stadiums like san siro produces fuzzy lines for me. or is it my graphics card? I have an ATI RADEON X300 SE some stadiums are ok though...anyone experiencing this problem?
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    how do u qualify for the title "SIR"..?

    Do u get the SIR title becuz of achievement or age? like fergie got his SIR after winning treble but how did Sir bobby charlton and Sir bobby robson got theirs? Forgive me if its a dumb thread... im just curious :)
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    how do you enter Masters cup

    sorry but In master league A i have finished top 2 for 2 seasons but still am not participating in the WEFA Masters do i qualify for it? and there is Master league A B C and D which is the best?
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    i know this has been asked many times but...

    i m still not clear whats the diff between WE7i and PES3... can anyone clearly explain it to me? cuz i am planning to get WE7i.. have been playing PES3 for quite a long time does WE7i have C.ronaldo...saha... in manutd? and does it have the frame rate problem and stuff like...
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    Overrated or underated players in PES3?any?

    i feel pires is overrated...he aint that fast or is he? robben is kinda sucky in the game. the rest are fine!
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    which teams do u find very difficult to beat?

    well for me it has to be Arsenal and Auxerre.. Bergkamp is unstoppable.. i have never won arsenal fair and square. Auxerre frustrates me as well. The comp just kicks the ball to cisse and he literally walks through my defence and scores.
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    so i made my own giggs callname but..

    which file do i replace? which is the giggs callname file? how do i find it out?
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    a strange problem in Wendetta patch *pic*

    look at chelsea... their names are all messed up.. this always happens in Master league mode whichever teams i choose. their names in game also appear like that is there anyway to fix this?
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    umm..the game is not smooth..

    can anyone help me out... i updated game with the official konami patch and used rivatuner to change Minmap to maximum. although the game is not slow anymore, its not smooth.... when a player runs his speed is constantly changing... for abt 1-2 seconds he sprints then continues in normal spd...
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    this is weird..

    i just bought PES3..abt a couple of wks ago and... why does the commentator address the players by their shirt numbers? well not for all countries... like czech republic... netherlands... he calls them by their number?? is it a bug or somethin? soz i m new to this game and the names...
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    hmm..netherlands is missing

    how come my copy doesnt have Holland under the international section?
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    a stupid problem in fifa 2004

    whenever a match ends as a draw u have a choice to either select golden goal or penalties rite? well i chose penalties and after the 1st penalty kick, the match ended!!?! i tried another match again and it still ends the match wif the 1st penalty kick. what in the world is wrong? anyone knows?
  14. M fast does C.Ronaldo suppose to run..

    i installed the "feel the game" patch and C.ronaldo still runs at the same speed? what have i done wrong? can anyone tell me exactly how to install the patch?
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    plz can someone help me wif the feel the game patch

    i really dun understand how to install the "FEEL THE GAME" patch can anyone explain it to me clearly?