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    Amy Winehouse

    I love the acoustic version of ''Love is a losing game''. Not too fond of her music really, but her voice is great (Y)(Y)
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    Premier League Abroad?

    Awful idea. EPL is being ruined by money. In my opinion the English league has lost a lot of it's beauty the past years, with the exorbitant transfer sums and average foreigners in the line-ups. This just adds it up.
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    whats up people?

    Obviously you're a spambot as well :(
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    So how many red cards should Davids have recieved today? 2? 3?
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    haha. Ogararu makes Michael Ball look like a good defender. No wonder Ajax signed a new right back. *says nothing about PSV-Excelsior*
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    NEC-Ajax 1-1 VVV-PSV 1-1 Excelsior-Feyenoord 2-1 Heerenveen-AZ 4-0 God, we all suck.
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    Huntelaar to Madrid would be a stupid move. He'd have a hell of a time trying to force Ruud out the starting 11 and I don't think he'd be able to do that. And a line-up with both Ruud and Huntelaar wouldn't work I think, too much of the same. If he's smart he stays until the summer to move to...
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    Manchester City Thread [07/08]

    Alves for 20m € would be a joke imo. Yes he scores a lot, but this is always against smaller teams. He barely scores against the big teams. Besides, would you want a player with his attitude? He's been trying to force a transfer for half a year now. Obviously the same would happen at Man...
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    Is it just me or do Chelsea just love Pandev?

    It's pretty logical really. At the start of each game the cpu Chelsea manager will calculate the same: he recognises the same weaknesses and then buyes the player that is best suited for filling the gap
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    Moments of 2007

    Of course 29-04-2007. The amazing 3 team battle for the Dutch championship on the last matchday of 2007 and PSV winning it by a better goaldifference of 1 goal to Ajax. I was there and was expecting a very frustrating match with AZ winning the championship.
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    Ten Of A Kind

    10 greatest PSV players: Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball and Michael Ball.
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    Real Madrid Thread [2007-2008]

    So what's up with no Spanish matches shown on tv in Europe?
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    A 0-1 loss would be unacceptable. In every way. Ajax stated often enough that they wanted the match to be played. If there's no other way, the match should be played mid-week imo even though it's a high risk match. Then the police should just have 1 evening less off. I didn't mind it was...
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    Welcome Sir. Fabio Capello

    I thought you english thought the downfall of the English NT was due to the amount of foreigners. So now they hire a foreign manager? Hooray for short-term!
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    Sporting Event of 2007.

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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    According to the rules you're only allowed 1 image...but as 2/3 of all the members seem to have banners as well, that rule isn't very strict.
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    If that would always be true. Ajax would be in for something next week. PSV wouldn't be razorsharp, but as sharp errr...something very sharp. Do agree about what you said about Wouters btw. I don't think he's able to motivate players (he isn't even motivated himself) and makes weird tactical...
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    Come on, Sjohnny Hèèètinga saying he should use his brains is funny in literally EVERY situation. btw. our worst performance of the century. It actually is. Not even exaggerated. Could've easily been 0-8.
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    Ahahaha. Sjohnny is learning Spanish: ''Ik vind het gewoon leuk en denk dat het ook goed is om mijn hersens een beetje aan het werk te zetten.'' About time. If he actually has any brains.
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    Stop it, Sinterklaas is waaaaaaaaay cooler than all of you especially Santa Claus. The man has black slaves! How can you not love him.