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    Hello sorry if my post is in wrong place I want to know is there a squad file with brasileirao real roster Copy-Paste only(download and paste in fifa 20/settings) I know that there are few like mods that include real brasileirao squads but it requires to use Frosty mod manager,i want to know if...
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    fifa 16 squads

    Is there a way to get new squads for fifa 16?Because i was trying few things but i am not able to get players like Pjaca/Rog/Nestorovski and players to update automatic? I remeber before fifa 17 release with Cm16 program i downloaded latest squad files and players were automaticly upgrading when...
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    Help Please

    Guys i need help i am playing with leicester carrer mode,and manchester city signed Woman (germany Kebler) WTF?Can i delete her from man city?
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    Donnaruma Problem

    I need help on carrer mode it says that gianluigi donnaruma(ac milan GK) is 55years old help pls how to fix it