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    Assigning A Stadium To A Team?

    Hey guys, just a little help needed, was wondering if there was any way to assign west ham the king abdullah stadium? just more like their new one irl. any help is appreciated
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    FIFA 16 Player Body Model Error

    This place looks like where these types of queries get moved to, if not sorry, feel free to move it. A lot of the players have weird models now, like neymar has massive muscylar legs that make his head look tiny, when he should have lean and ive seen him have lean before, i installed some...
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    Yoren's Faces

    Basically, this thread is in addition to the tutorial. Request faces that you would like to have updated, and i will try to make them asap. Probably within 24 hours of your request, but no guarantees. I can also make some faces from scratch if you want me too. Bear in mind that these updates...
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    TUTORIAL: Updating Faces On Your Own

    I know that waiting for an established facemaker to update a face is a very looong and annoying wait, but they arent gonna waste their time updating faces that dont strictly needed, because they are too busy making outstanding faces. To avoid this wait, i decided to update an in some cases...