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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    This idea is very good indeed. The key is to have a unique gameplay, where, forwards don't defend, full backs never attacks, slover tempo gameplay and classic formations like WM
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    Editing Existing Stadiums

    I'm not a 3d genius, but I wanna edit placement of away fans and banners. Is there any program that I could use?
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    Editing Camera Height & Zoom Settings

    So I like the plot angle of co-op cam. But is there anyway to make the sides look with a more angled wiew like tele-broadcast?
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    Generic Chants

    Is there a way to delete all generic league and region chants in the game. I want to have only team speicif chants in the game.
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    Root4Rules Help Me Thread

    I have a problem, I want to import multiple files in once. But import all files button doesnt fuinctioning is there any way to import multiple files?
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    [Tool] FIFA File Explorer (coming soon)

    Hello could someone tell me that, how can i import multiple files in a big files with FFE? It seem import all file in folder does not function.
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    :: Total Camera Patch ::

    is there a way to use direction buttons smooth rather than screen-related at broadcast camera angle?
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    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    hi only problem with this patch is there are too many on target shots for both ai and user.
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    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    But if keeper has the ability to disturb, it means that it could be more aswell. like skill moves, right?
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    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    Hi Fidel, it seems that your patch is going better and better every versions. I would ask something. If it's possible to cpu keeper pass the ball with hand sometimes rather than always kicking it. I had only once cpu passing the ball to nearest team mate. It would give more options for ai. For...
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    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    I really love this patch and think it's a great effort, but just one question. Is it only me that always having higher ball possesion than cpu?
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    Let's Break The Fat Limit Again

    Exactly right (Y)
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    Let's Break The Fat Limit Again

    It was the guys from last year. But if someone have a clue, we can give a shot to break it again.
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    Onsche's Advanced Gameplay V1.0

    How should be the values?
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    Onsche's Advanced Gameplay V1.0

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    Onsche's Advanced Gameplay V1.0

    so may i ask another stupid question. If i give a code values like "60 //61 //62 //63 //64.... and it goes on" how does it effect the game?
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    Onsche's Advanced Gameplay V1.0

    So could you give and example for a triple value? SHOT_ASSISTED_ANGLE = 50 //60 //70 Should the formula be like that or should i rewrite the code?
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    Onsche's Advanced Gameplay V1.0

    I wonder something... TRAP_DIST_POOR = 4 //10 TRAP_DIST_AVG = 2 //6 TRAP_DIST_GOOD = 1 //3 DOes it give random values between those two numbers
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    Prekazi81's Curva Factory

    Fiorentina chants Curva Fiesole :taz:
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    BFL and HNL in cmp

    I had only Levski tactics are missing. I corrected it but it still crashes the game. Should I do something else? And another thing, Stadium Poljud of Hajduk Split is a different one in night version. I wonder is it because of patch messed up stadium files or only a mistake of stadium maker...