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    Fixing dlc crash loading second season- FIFA 10 to FIFA 14

    Basically the title, the dlc seems to be functional (thanks to @21lva) but there is a crash just as the loading is at the middle of preparting the second season. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Here is also a very beta version if needed to see the issue...
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    FIFA 10 in FIFA 14

    I have started converting the FIFA 10 db for FIFA 14 other than some problems with the names, it has gone fairly well. The kits from the FIFA 10 console version work fine and faces and names corrections are the things I am working on currently. Only issue is that the original console version...
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    Converting playernames tables from older fifas

    Does anyone know how to convert this playernames tables for fifa 14?
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    Hi, I have worked something of a road to the 2010 World Cup, as of now only UEFA, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF are playable because of the teams I have been able to gather/create. I used the Road to 2014 World cup as base and have modified it accordingly. Credits to the Classic Patch, aswell to the...
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    Is there any way to edit players inside the tournament? To activate this feature?

    Is there any way to edit players inside the tournament?
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    Is it possible to activate this in tournament mode?

    Is there any way to edit players inside the tournament?
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    DLC for CONCACAF Champions League with Central American Leagues

    Does anyone have, or know about, a dlc with central american leagues and the CONCACAF Champions League? I have been trying to edit the existing patches with Central American Leagues to add a Concachampions but it crashes on June 1.
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    Costa Rica and Honduras Leagues 2021, Central American Teams Mod, Classic Teams

    Honduras League 2021 (4 teams with correct jerseys): Costa Rica League 2021 Full:
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    (Request) I need kitmakers for a Concacaf patch I am doing

    Hi, i'm doing a patch of some Concacaf leagues, already finished Costa Rica, Mexico and U.S. but still need kits for the Honduran League and I was hoping someone could help me with that since I don't know how to use photoshop