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  1. riesscar

    Scoreboard Creation Tutorial Part I

    Part 1 Creation of scoreboards and overlays differs from other Fifa modding. This is because - although you will need to make simple textures - it is almost entirely a process of hex editing. In this tutorial I will show you the steps to create a custom scoreboard. Here is the scoreboard we...
  2. riesscar

    Riesscar’s Modest Mods

    Greetings! I had to take a hiatus from modding, so I was unable to continue work on the AIO for Fifa 21. I apologize to any who I may have have disappointed, as well as to anyone who reached out and received no response. At the moment I have decent time to mod, but I am going to do things a...
  3. riesscar

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    I’ve been gone for quite some time due to a change in vocation that has left me with too little time to mod. I’ve now settled a bit, but I won’t be able to produce the amount of content I was. I apologize to anyone who has been trying to get in touch with me... I just had to stop altogether...
  4. riesscar

    Face Requests

    I didn’t see a request thread, and I don’t want to spam everyone’s threads. I’ve two requests, if someone has the time: Morten Thorsby Gervinho (Gervais Yao Kouassi) I’ll post photos just in case
  5. riesscar

    Riesscar's Kit Coeff Creation Tutorial II: Colors and Reflection

    Riesscar's Coeff Creation Tutorial - Part 2: * If you are new to coeff creation, please read the first tutorial to gain an understanding of the coeff and the basics of how to make one. This tutorial will cover more advanced techniques to create contrast and effects using coefficient files. I...
  6. riesscar

    MLS Kits Extracted from 20

    Here are the kits that have been updated in FIFA 20 so far. I'll post the rest when they update them: Kits: Kit Numbers:
  7. riesscar

    Riesscar's Color Changing Tutorial

    Riesscar's Recoloring Tutorial Greetings. I am making this brief tutorial because I get a lot of requests to change a pattern from one color to another and the like. The method I use is quite simple. This guide will be brief but hopefully it will help people make edits as they see fit. I...
  8. riesscar

    Riesscar's Kit Coeff Creation Tutorial:

    Riesscar's Coeff Creation Tutorial: Before I begin I'd like to make clear that there are probably better and more correct ways of creating coeff files. I do not claim to be an expert on this, and any correction or improvement upon the following guide is welcome. First things first... what the...
  9. riesscar

    Riesscar's TV Logo Creation Tutorial

    Creating TV Watermarks Tutorial * Note that this tutorial will refer to the operation in terms of photoshop, but the actions can be accomplished by any paint program. THE .BIG FILE: In order to change the TV watermark, you...
  10. riesscar

    Riesscar's TV Watermarks

    Greetings, I decided to make this a new thread, as it will be dedicated solely to overlays. We'll be starting off with TV logos. If you have a requested logo, let me know. This one was requested on a discord server. Although I will be posting fbmod's, I will also be posting .big files for...
  11. riesscar

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Greetings. I will be posting all of my content in this thread. I do not know yet what I will focus on, but I will NEVER charge for anything. I am here to share and better the community. Requests are welcome.
  12. riesscar

    Riesscar's AIO Bug Reports Thread

    I am creating this thread so that users may post inaccuracies or bugs with the kits in the mod. As I receive bugs, I will add them to a list in the first post, and I will update the list as I address the issues. A few things that help to expedite the process: - Be specific about what the...
  13. riesscar

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Greetings. I will be posting my various mods and textures in this thread. I decided to go straight into scoreboard editing this year. The first step is to see which is the best scoreboard to edit. Like last year, the FA cup scoreboard is the easiest and perhaps only one that can be edited...
  14. riesscar

    SGF: The Advertising Is Out Of Control

    I understand advertising with banners and the like; however, the ads and pop-ups have made the site unusable (on my iPhone at least). Slowly and steadily, the content and users have declined and what I can only assume is greed has increased... the site seems like a warez fraud or spyware...
  15. riesscar

    Optimizing Colors in FIFA 19 - for Nvidia Graphics Cards

    Greetings, I have never been a fan of reshade and other forms of postprocessing for contrast, brightness, vibrancy, etc... I find them to be overdone (usually oversaturated) and - more importantly - they create graphical issues in-game and guarantee an FPS drop. I decided to see about...
  16. riesscar

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Greetings, I haven't posted any of my material here on SGF due to issues I have with the way that a site moderator conducts himself; however, I am going to begin sharing material again due to the fact that this used to be the best site for FIFA modding. If the community would rejoin this...
  17. riesscar

    Riesscars Modest Edits

    Hello. I really only started this thread in order to provide one face that I altered, which is Kasper Schmeichel. I find the EA default face to be waaay off, and so I went ahead and tweaked as best as I could. Here is a before/after screenshot (forgive the quality of the before screenshot, as...
  18. riesscar

    Edited Accessories, Boots and Nets

    Greetings, I edit as my career progresses, so more things will come as my season moves forward. Here are a few things I've done: Credit to the uploader of the useful .psd file for the Nike boot texture: RX3s: Two...
  19. riesscar

    Kit Corrections and Elaborations

    Greetings, I do a lot of good bit of editing and modding in FIFA as my season progresses. Given that this community gives me all of the tools that I need to edit, I thought I'd start posting things. First: Leicester City default GK kit is incorrect. The home GK kit is black, though, so you...
  20. riesscar

    Player Indicator Size

    I've looked around the web a bit, and others noticed this so I'm not going nuts: does anyone else find the player indicator arrows too small? Anyway, my question is if anyone knows how I might be able to adjust the size or glow of the player indicator arrows. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk