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    FIFA World Cup 2006 Mods

    Its a bit early but are there any mods out there yet? Or anyone planning on making some? Please list them here :)
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    Its Out!!! Pes5pc

    Just read on usenet, PES5 PC IS OUT IN THE UK!!!!!!! :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: at 2005-10-23 05:48:31 (2 hours ago) -
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    Not able to buy or release players in ML (yes in transferperiod)

    This is so weird. I cant sell release or buy any players eventhough I am in the transferperiod :( I cant apply for transfer negotiations... its greyed out constantly :( Is this an option which you can turn on and off or something?
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    Who's gonna win the race?

    So anybody out there working on a PC patch yet? Who's gonna be the first? My money is on Wolf :rockman:
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    Xbox patch? How about it?

    So? Is anybody working on a patch for the xbox version of pes4 ?
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    Addboards for WE7i ?

    Does anyone know where to find the new EURO2004 addboards for WE7i ? The ones on pescorner dont seem to work in WE :( Why is it that some addboards dont work in WE anyway?
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    PES3 Tournament >> €2000 for the winner! PES3 Tournament here in Holland (H) Winner takes home €2000 :hump: