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  1. J

    Gameplay Mods

    Has anyone had a chance to look into whether or not we'll be able to tweak the gameplay this year? I noticed that there was no cpudiff file. Thanks.
  2. J

    Updated Rosters?

    Does anyone know where I can find an updated roster for FIFA 07 but not CEP? I want to add stadiums to my database. This cannot be done with the CEP 5.0 update.
  3. J

    Global Editor?

    Does anyone know if there is a global editor available for player ratings? I'd like to be able to edit all players at once not individually. Thanks.
  4. J

    07-08 Schedules/Fixtures

    Does anyone know when this seasons schedules will be announced? I'm going to be in Milan and Munich in the fall and want to plan around a few games.
  5. J

    Stadiums Question

    Can all of the stadiums that were created be used with CEP4.0 or only the default FIFA database? Thanks fellas.
  6. J

    CEP 4.0 Released?

    I was wondering if anyone has downloaded this yet. On the 14th the zdatas and another file were uploaded to Sweetpatch but the database (the last file) was going to come out on the 17th or 18th. Today there is an update in the downloads section but the first three parts are gone, the file...
  7. J

    CPU Attack

    After about 30 games I guess I'm starting to get really frustrated with this aspect of the game....among others. Does it seem to anyone else that there are way too many one timers from the top of the box? Additionally, it seems that the shots are way too accurate. I guess for the last couple...
  8. J

    Formations...from a strategic standpoint

    A quick strategy question. Do teams (in real life) usually stick with one formation through the entire game or does it change regularly depending on how the game is going? Also, do teams usually start every game with the same formation or do you gameplan the formation based on your opponent?