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    Pes 09 Trailer

    well you don't know how improved FIFA gameplay is and you don't know how improved PES gameplay is. Let's wait for both games to be released and see anyway.
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    Pes 09 Trailer

    yeah messi dribbles, messi passes, messi shoots on the post....... plus did you notice sometimes it's day sometimes it's night in the trailer lol8|
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    Pes 09 Trailer youtube version, it looks.... like a trailer I don't think we can really make anything out of a video like this.
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    Greek Superleague for PES 2008 (includes stadiums and fixed rosters for all teams)

    Today the beta 2 of the Greek Superleague patch was released. It includes updated rosters for all teams (latest transfers etc.), plus : -12 Greek teams (rosters,kits,faces etc.) -Chants for Greek Teams -Faces for many players in European Leagues -Updated crowds for greek teams and many...
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    Decent Video card that can handle current games

    you mean it slows down?? Download patch 1.20 and check for viruses that may eat up your memory.
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    PS3 or XBOX 360... PC

    I agree the PC version is by far the best though I haven't tested the 360 Version. But the PS3 version just sucked... as far as I know some bugs and slowdowns were addressed at PS3 with the patch but without the patch (that's how I played it) I had to close down the PS3 20 minutes before the...
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    Demand For PES In The US !!

    Indeed PES 2008 was not as good as expected but if you want it so much you can still order it online it's quite cheap as well. Not sure for you Americans though as for us in Europe it's worth because shopping online is cheaper and now that the dollar is around 0,60 euro it's worth a lot (for me...
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    PES 2008 (PC) Next-Gen or PS2

    Any news on the demo?? I've heard some people mentioning it would come out today but I don't think it did...
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    being crashed when playing pes6

    Have you noticed this happening with any particular stadium/player in the team/team/ball?
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    Game keeps crashing

    It must be the kitserver, sometimes it happens when you select a corrupted stadium as well.
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    WEPES 2007 Crack

    Please read the rules before posting. Topic closed.:brow:
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    Faces for Greek players

    At wehellas the greek league patch will be out soon and will include all these faces. But it will also have a lot more, so if you can find them alone and you don't want the other things that the patch includes you better try pesfaces.
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    Xbox 360 Fifa 07 or Pro Evo 6

    Moving post to the correct forum
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    PESFan Editor Not working

    Yep PESFAN editor won't run with Update 9. I used it with Update 5 and update 6 succesfully.
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    Gameplay Mod for PES6

    In large forums like this there will always be people who have different opinion from yours. You will just have to ignore them if you can't stand them.
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    My girl started playing PES yesterday....

    All these are funny but keep a level please. It's indeed satisfying to play against a woman.
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    Can't get into Lobbys for 2 days now

    Anyone here who is not in a group having this problem? I feel that this is the reason we can't connect.
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    konami is so worthless

    I read something like that in wehellas forum. I also saw that creating a new profile solved the problem for a lot of people.
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    Selector For PES - Many PES on one PC!

    Selector is a tool which allows you to manage many PES installations on one PC. Selector is developed for WeHellas and the official webpage can be found here : (screenshots available) Download Links :
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    Problem Launching PES6 with Command Prompt.

    Hello, When I try to Launch Pro Evolution Soccer 6 through Windows Command prompt it will give me an AFS error. Anyone know the cause and any possible solution? Thanks in advance!