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    This has most likely been posted many many times so im sorry if its annoying but i have brought some players into my Southampton squad and they are originally from Isreal, Ivory Coast, Brazil and Jamaica but now they are all considering citizenship for certain European countries, the thing is i...
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    New Right Back Needed

    Im looking for a Right Back to replace Panucci becouse hes gettin on, im currently in 2008 so if there are any good buys anyone can tell me about it would be appreciated thank you! (H)
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    Cheap Players For League One

    Can anybody tell me any good players who I could buy for a cheap transfer, im Chesterfield and i dont have much money at all and i cant seem to find any players good enough within my budget of 200K. Thanx for any help!
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    Football Team Name

    Me and some mates are starting a 5 a-side football team and we cant think of a name for it so i am asking for some suggestions thanx.
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    Can someone plz tell me where to get some good skins.
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    graphic studio

    can somebody please tell me how to use the graphic studio becouse i aint got a clue. Thanx
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    Right Midfielder needed

    i am struggeling to find a good right midfielder can anyone help me find one, they can cost as much as needed.
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    Players needed

    Can anyone help me get some players for a league one side with no money, some old players may help for the experience. thanx!
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    Can anyone help i am in my 2nd season with Swansea but i am in the year 2007 as i got offerd a better manager's job, and i am wanting some good CHEAP!!!! Midfielders or Defenders can anyone help?
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    Doe's anybody have a good formation for my team Chelsea becouse every one i try just does not work. Thanx in advance(H)