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    The Official SG Merry Christmas Thread

    Merry Christmas :lui: Have some crazy Christmas Lights rmgf60CI_ks I don't know how to embed video :$
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    The Ear Phone Issue

    Depends on personal preference I suppose. They do come with three different types of earpiece all in three different sizes, including some foam ones which I find very comfortable and which block out a lot of background noise. If you weren't to go for the Shures then I'd probably go for Creative...
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    Ethernet Cables

    Not quite sure what you are after but I'm thinking probably the following (for a wired connection - I'll do wireless in a minute): 1.Network card (by someone like Belkin or Netgear) - shouldn't cost more than about £15 - open up your computer an click it into a slot on the motherboard. If there...
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    Keyboard Issue

    I'm pretty sure that you have to use a passkey for a keyboard particularly if you are also using a wireless mouse (are you?). What is the make of the keyboard and exactly what is the problem you are getting?
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    The Ear Phone Issue

    Basically ignore what everyone else on the thread has said and by some Shure E2C's. Fairly pricey (they're on Amazon for $72.99 (USD)) but they are the dogs bollocks - best earphones I've ever had, you hear things you've never heard in the music before. The cabling around the earpiece may...
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    That's nothing - she showed me what it was the other night (H) Seriously though - that's slightly disturbing.
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    Graphics card is cooking

    You may be on to something there - how would I go about sorting out the temperature sensors?
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    Can I?

    I reckon it's pretty impossible. I spent ages trying to get them in my side together and can't make it work. I reckon Marcelo works best as a AML and Guardado as a LB. I think I ended up selling Guardado as I got a good offer and he was unhappy (I haven't played for over a month and can't...
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    Graphics card is cooking

    My Radeon X800XT graphics card has lately started reaching ridiculous temperatures (up to 120C) when I play games. It started when I updated the driver from quite an old version (can't remember exactly but around 7.1 I think) to 7.5. I'm thinking this was just a coincidence though as I have...
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    Rumours Center

    Sissoko ---> Juventus for €15-20 million (£10m-£13.5m) Barca are also interested apparently
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    Curbishley in talks with unknown player at hotel

    Apparently this picture was taken at Waltham Abbey Hotel earlier today. Anyone recognise the player? I reckon it looks a bit like Moutinho or Arteta.
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    It's been in other places other than the Sun. He was apparently at the Real game the other night and was over there for talks. This article has some info.
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    Zlatan sucks

    *Changes mood to horny* Oooh yes :bob:
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    Carlos*ing off at a train station?

    Having a wank at work = getting paid to wank = (H)
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    English Premier League 'Classics'

    Rugby is for gays. All those men grappling with each other :lui:
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    How much will Chelsea spend in the next transfer window?

    I'm guessing you don't
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    How much will Chelsea spend in the next transfer window?

    I'm reckoning on some serious money. Discuss.
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    Contract renewals

    I'm currently in the 2012/2013 season. Rooney and Ronaldo are in the last year of their contracts but are not interested in renewing. I offered them both new contracts at the beginning of the season when they were happy to discuss but they rejected them and now they won't even negotiate...