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    Calling the Experts for Help!!

    Hi Guys, I am not new into editing fifa and stuff however I have a strange problem that i can't fix. 2 days ago I installed CM09 because someone said you can use it to import graphical stuff. I did install it and i imported some kits. However after leaving CM09 I clicked on File>save...
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    Black grass on some stadiums!

    Hi Guys, I imported more then 200 stadiums in my fifa but on some i have this problem. This seems to be fixed only when playing a friendly because you can change from night to overcast, sunny etc. But when playing Tournaments and Manager mode the problem can't be fixed. I really don't know...
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    Importing Stadiums Works But....

    Hi Guys, I have fifa 09 and have been doing some testing and importing some stadiums to see what works and what doesn't... I imported some stadiums and they work fine However on some stadiums the lines on the pitch don't appear. For example if you import the stadio olimpico of turin (juve...
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    Albinoleffe Stadium Request

    Hi Guys, I know that this stadium was done and it is the only stadium i have missing from the Seria B. Anyone who is kind enough to send it to me i will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance Regards Simon
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    Managers Prestige & Second season help?

    Hi Guys, Is there anything i can do, so from the second season i can pick up any team i like? For example i pick juve as a career manager and win everything for 2 seasons but still i can't manage to pick teams such as Real Madrid, Milan and other prestigues clubs... Anything i can do please...
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    Installing a Stadium during a Career!

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to install stadiums while a career is going or you lose everything if you put a new stadium? The reason is i have many stadiums installed but many others are being converted so i would love to add those to the game but can't lose the career that i am playing! Is it...
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    Question about Stadium!

    Hi Everyone, Is there a limit of how much stadium can we install in fifa? Because i was installing alot of stadium and some did work and some not. Now i know those that didn't work actually worked before but when i installed alot of stadiums together they didn't. For example one of the...
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    Thank You Hack!

    Admins, Please while upgrading the site consider into installing a thank you hack.. It's only a one minute installation and people can thank who is giving us patches, kits etc etc by just clicking a button... Please note that some people never like to say thank you but like this its easier...
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    OS Format & Turf Importer

    Guys, I had to format my windows and after i installed fifa 07 again i cannot use Turf Importer this time as it says: component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not corrently registered: a file is missing or invalid. Hrovje or anyone, can you please tell me what i can do to...
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    Help with Controller and Cancel/Dummy Move

    Guys, Before i installed my Logithec wireless rumble 2 control i used another one which i couldn't use the Cancel/Dummy Move. I taught it was coming from the controller but today i installed the logithec and its the same. I just the only thing that doesn't work is the cancel and dummy move...
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    EA Patch + Editing

    Guys, I updated the rosters from the EA patch all was okay on a clean copy. Then i started to add gk kits and ass soon as i saved everything and went to play you can only play with your old rosters and if you try to get back your updated rosters there will not be any players in the team and...
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    Guys i am trying to find the file in which i can edit the rewards as i managed to put 3rd kits into the game so basically i need to unlock them from the shop. I did try to find the file with rinaldos db master but couldn't find the file. Can anyone please tell me what file i need to edit and...
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    Importing New Kits (not in game)

    Hi Guys, I tried to find a tuturial or atleast a thread here cause i really wanna learn how to import kits that the game doesn't have but i couldn't find any. This year with Kit Raptor you cannot import many Gk kits as the game doesn't let you, and this also goes for the 3rd kits. So does...
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    Finally I can Play Fifa07

    Hi Guys, I did more tests with patches in Fifa07. These are the results which i am sure most will find it usefull. Turfs + Adboards = Yes Turfs + Adboards + Kits (no gks) = Yes but with some stadiums crashes such as Delle Alpi, San Siro Excepts only 1 Kits, Stamford Bridge 1 Kit...
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    problems updating kits!!!

    hello everyone!!! i have been having a really hard time updating kits with kit raptor and kit extender!! first i start with kit extender. well when i install kits the team i play against gets the same kit that im playing with and even the other teams i play for!! then i downloaded the new...
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    gamepad controls???

    hi guys, how can i change gamepad controls in the game?? i cant find it in the options menu like fifa 2003 had!! if you cant do this it really sucks!!! hope someone can help regards simon :rockman: