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    Maradona \o His conduct since retiring has convinced me he is the best player who ever lived.
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    Ramon Calderón

    Sid Lowe's blog on The Guardian website ripping him (and Marca) to shreds: Bloody hell, I knew he was a plank but some of that is unreal! I forgot about the Nicolas Cage incident as well, snyuk snyuk. (H)
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    Ireland Votes No

    Congratulations to the 'No' voters, it appears you've scuppered the Lisbon Treaty altogether! I'm glad there's one country with a bit of backbone and won't sit back while other nation's sovereignty gets signed away by joke politicians. Eurofederalism GTF! :)...
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    The Useless Facts/Statistics (Commentary Filler) Thread

    You all know the type of crap that commentators throw out when there's not much happening in games. Let's see how obscure we can get in here. I'll start: For the last four seasons, the English Premier League has been won by a Scottish/Portuguese management team. :mrt1:
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    Berlusconi (Y)

    Soon to be Europe's greatest leader (again). Take your pick from these, though I resent the BBC referring to these pearls of wisdom as "clangers":
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    Ra Greatest Fans In Ra Wurrrald

    nO87YC3H270 Ah well, at least it wiz jist Juan Ghuy, eh ? My Spanish isn't exactly great but I think I get the message. (H)
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    Bobby's Sex Change Sweepstake Thread

    After many late night ramblings, the convictions of Bobby's old stochastic, urbanised persona since conversing with a lady over the net has heartbreakingly shrivelled and what has replaced it is a lanky greeter with the emotional balance of myself attempting a stepover. His deterioration in...
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    90 Day Jane Uncomfortable reading. Not sure on whether she'll actually go through with it. Part of my brain thinks "Attention Whore, we've watched Fight Club too" whilst another part thinks "Damn, I thought I had seen it all on the net but this :|". There have been a...
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    Headbutt Your Keyboard

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    Britney: I Still Would and So Would You

    Her being off her rocker makes me want to pump her well-publicised minge even more. :clapwap:
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    King can't fly :(
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    Sir Bobby Robson - BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement Award

    Don't know how many others saw it, but he looked so old and frail. The ceremony was very moving indeed, brought a tear to my eye. I've had the privelege of speaking to him on a couple of occassions and he is an absolute gentleman. It will be a very sad day when football has to mourn his passing...
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    Eamon Dunphy's Terry Venables' Rant

    Apparently Venables is heavy favourite to be appointed Ireland manager. Dunphy doesn't seem to be at all pleased... He even printed out a charges sheet! :D (Begins 5 minutes in) Now that pisses all over UK punditry. A guy with an opinion!
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    Team McCann's Abductor Sketch So that settles it. Every male with a Latin/Hispanic appearance, long hair and no face is a suspect! Oh yeah, Nuno Gomes released a statement pleading his innocence :(
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    Scottish Refereeing [R]

    uNjpZ4sY9DI qfdXILGSFT0 Discuss.
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    Ricardo Carvalho is a **** bastard

    You read.
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    Happy Birthday INFESTA!

    SG's favourite Hugo is now officially an elder statesman at SG. Cherish this day Hugo, this is when the grey pubes set in! Feliz Aniversario! :)
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    The Rep System

    Gay as f*ck I say, just encourages a clique to form and who sook each other aff. Get it tae f*ck (N) For any of the "untouchables" reading this, they're more than welcome to revoke certain priveleges that may exist.
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    Dear, Soccergaming

    Soccergaming is operated by Nazis. I got two red cards for nothing. I did not insult anyone; all I did was saying the truth. And what I get for this?! Two red cards. WTF these red cards suppose to mean?! Why in the hell do you need them! Who you think you are?! a socialistic state? Stalin's...
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    Frank Lampard signs for Aston Villa!

    Stolen off another board, but I have to get this one in! :D