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    CM16 and FIFA 16 Problem

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    Fifa16 Link

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    FIFA 16 Link

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    Increasing no of subs in the bench .

    In Higher leagues like BPL and La Liga ..we can have upto max of 7 players on the bench from which max 3 can be used ..but in lower leagues like Fa cup..Spanish Cup ..we can have only max of 5 on the bench .. can it be increased to 7 also ? then how ?
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    Growth System ??

    i have created abt 15 players by myself and given them overall rating like varane - age 16 , ovr -75 but in mm ..i send him on loan and he comes back with overall of 82 ..and in team management his grwth rate is 82 82 82 and then 84 .... and same for all players acc to thir overall .. do...
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    santiago bernabeau stadium pls?

    pls pls give me the santiago bernabeau stadium ..i imported one cmp of this stadium but instead of green field appears and black on the right side ...
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    FIfa 11 E0001 error ?

    hey i just installed fifa 11 and also ran the patch included with the setup and copied the crack items also . but it says an error E0001 .. i saw somewhere that i need to have shader 3.0 and i downloaded it and theres a dll file name d3d9 .. where to copy this file or am i doing something...