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  1. Mido_Egypt


    sorry for acting up a little bit but you should consider that he's a new member and not fully aware about the rules here beside most of us keep repeating requests when we need something , don't we ? sorry again and have a good day
  2. Mido_Egypt


    excuse me but are you this forum owner or something ?! he has the right to comment and request since he's going by the rules you also making requests so don't give yourself the right and deny it for others ... stop acting like this with everyone beside it's not your thread to make the rules ...
  3. Mido_Egypt

    LOW-QUALITY FACE by Silnysilacz

    got it .. thanks it work perfectly now
  4. Mido_Egypt

    LOW-QUALITY FACE by Silnysilacz

    Maor Melikson this is how it look in CM15 it has issue with the mouth and doesn't look like your screenshot when i tested it , try to fix it mate
  5. Mido_Egypt

    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    259807 Halil İbrahim Dervişoğlu only eyes in the files ... check it again mate
  6. Mido_Egypt

    Faces by Jeff can you try converting this face from PES 17 ?
  7. Mido_Egypt

    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    ok i will ... thanks
  8. Mido_Egypt

    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    not all of them
  9. Mido_Egypt

    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    can you try converting these face in this topic mate ?
  10. Mido_Egypt

    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    finally someone paying attention to Egyptian League ... great work my friend , keep it up because i expect more lol :ewan:
  11. Mido_Egypt

    My collection of rare faces

    great work my friend .. i wish it was for Fifa 14
  12. Mido_Egypt

    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    great work my friend i tested most of these faces in CM 15 and they work fine , i just can't see any update for 161648 Hatem Ben Arfa 182836 Andy Carroll 188829 Nicolas N'Koulou 189963 Wilfried Bony 213955 Sardar Azmoun
  13. Mido_Egypt

    HM Facemaker - FIFA 14

    great work but can't you put direct mediafire link in linkvertise instead of the linkvertise installer ?
  14. Mido_Egypt

    Face Request Thread

    sorry for the misunderstanding ... i tried to convert 4 faces of them and this is my final result i already tested them in game they work fine for me except for the jersey collar issue i'm not a pro and it's my first attempt to convert stuff maybe someone can try to fix it ... i don't know the...
  15. Mido_Egypt

    Face Request Thread

    did you test it ?! because all of them show error message in CM 15 & 14 and also crashes the game
  16. Mido_Egypt

    FIFA 22 to 14 Faces Pack

    can you try Mido from PES 17
  17. Mido_Egypt

    Faces by Flavinho

    i couldn't find it on your VK page .. can you please send me the link ?
  18. Mido_Egypt


    link please
  19. Mido_Egypt

    FIFA 14 Barbershop

    actually he deserve a decent face as well
  20. Mido_Egypt

    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v4 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 21/22 Season)

    i wish so but i guess no one here interested in Egyptian league and CAF champions league except me and you ... lack of faces and mods sadly