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    Simo's Faces

    hi guys have you miss me and my faces :Shifty:
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    simo4u faces

    hi all i am back and here i will post all my new faces i hope that you will like them
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    14 Faces To 15

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    WC 14 Mega Face Pack Project

    hi every body I am thinking about making a great project of doing a mega facepack for the world cup and I asking if they are any facemaker want to join me in this project (specially facemakers like anuke and guarin who made ther faces from scratch) I will be so happy
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    simo's '14 Faces

    hi again evrey body here i will post the new faces of fifa 13 and fifa 14 until all the tools be availabel
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    PES '14 Textures

    hi evry body who can help me with geting all pes 2014 faces textures they can be usabel for fifa 14
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    simo's FIFA 13 Faces

    hi evrey body i will post here my new faces for fifa 13
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    simo back "with new faces"

    :Dhy all Iam back again to creat a new faces for fifa 12(Y)
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    tattoo thread

    hy all i suggest that we can post here all the tattoos that the facemeakers are do or any one als that evry body her will be abel to finrd the tattoos tha how want mor easly
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    carrer mode fix

    hei all i had download the fifa but its unnstall i add it to the dimo files and i get the fifa with all the tieams the players the faces but i cant save the carrer mode or any tournment i make a name of the carrer but its alwayes dissapper pleasssssssssssssssssssssssss som one help me
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    simo's fifa 11 faces

    i hop you will like my new faces when we will have CM and FDM 11 I hope
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    simo's faces for fifa 2010

    hei i am well post her now as roma faces:sKIp_E:
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    simo_faces4 fifa09

    hai I am a new face maker :clapwap::mike::mike::mike::mike: