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    MH25's Locker

    May I request these two, please?
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    FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22

    Link expired; please post again. Thanks!
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    aLEx_1O's Rises

    Please make this:
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    How To Use Files Here

    Thanks for all the help. One more question, If I add your logos, for example, If I add India logos to the game, will I be able to see India Logo on the match starting that appears in a 3d hexagon graphicals instead of the India Flag?
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    How To Use Files Here

    thanks for these. where can i find the regenerator?
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    How To Use Files Here

    what is a regenerator, and how to run it?! also, how to use these texture editor or rx3 master. where can i find them? would be helpful if you can link me.
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    How To Use Files Here

    Except the database files, I can copy all logos and league logos without any problems? And, I didn't understand this - "run the regenerator to regenerate the bh files" And, can I add a kit in the same way as a logo?
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    How To Use Files Here

    Thanks for the info. No I don't have their kits but I'll make them, sure. (I am new here but quite experienced in game modding, modded many things for EA Cricket 07) And, what happens if I add your 'licensed mod' to the game?
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    How To Use Files Here

    I don't understand this. I see their GK wearing something! :tongue: But those are generic kits.
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    How To Use Files Here

    So, for example, if I replace the existing India kit with a licensed kit, no databases will be tweaked and nothing happens to my career?
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    How To Use Files Here

    Yeah, I have already started career as myself, applying my game face too. Now, am I forced to sacrifice this career for using a kit?
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    How To Use Files Here

    But, I have a doubt. Last time, when I tried CM12 on my FIFA 12, I lost all my saved stuff. Will the same happen now on FIFA 13?
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    How To Use Files Here

    For a newbie, every kit and stuff here is so amusing that they are desperate to use it in-game. Though I browsed over and over the threads here, I never found how to use the kits in the game. Anyone PLEASE post a tutorial or something that helps to import kits and other stuff to the game. This...
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    Kits by moaalves!

    Fantastic kits mate. I have two questions. 1. How to use these kits in-game? 2. Would you be doing kit for India National Team?
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    ...::: Indian Football Megapatch 2012 :::...

    bro, when will this be released?
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    Kits, Minikits & Related Requests

    please tell me how to install kits for game