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    Frosty Mod Manager won't launch FIFA 20 anymore

    Since this morning it just won't launch anymore. I tried a lot of things: deleting all mods, deleting moddata. Even without mods it won't lauch FIFA anymore. What can I do? Yesterday everything worked fine, and I didn't alter anything since. There was a windows update that happened last night...
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    Is It Possible To Change The Soundtrack?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if it is possible to delete all tracks on the official sountrack and replace them with my own music. Thanks in advance!
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    FIFA13 demo is out!

    Go to free games on origin, and there you can download it. Enjoy!
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    How To achieve UEFA Leagues In First Season Of Career Mode

    Use the career mode editor by Fidel, choose option 1, scroll down to nr. 105 (RUN_FIRST_SEASON_CODE = 1) and change the 1 to 0. Save, do option 2 and 3, and you have EUROPEAN FOOTBALL IN THE FIRST SEASON!
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    Patch CL & EL in first season

    I bring you my first patch, making CL & EL in the first season possible for certain teams. I've tried creating the groups of this year as good as possible, replacing teams that aren't in FIFA with good teams from top leagues. This might result in a team playing in CL in stead of EL sometimes...
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    List of players with 5 stars for skills

    Please add your own findings, this is what I've got till now: All ClassicXI players C. Ronaldo Nani Elia Briand Ederson Michel Bastos Ronaldinho Robinho Messi ...
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    Low scoreboard in manager mode

    When playing games in managermode the scoreboard is suddenly placed a lot lower on the screen. Does anybody has any idea on how to solve that? It's quite irritating... Thanks in advance.
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    WC Mode CMPs

    I have, with help from Regularcat, made CMP's of the teams, stadiums and tournaments from the World Cup Patch by Merdisso (and many others, off course). I also took the liberty of updating the World Cup teams (a bit on rosters, but mostly on formations and tacktics, based on the strongest...
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    how to play European football in first year of manager mode (pc)

    It's been a longtime frustration of me that it's not possible to play European football in the first year of manager mode, though it is perfectly possible in the game mode 'the season'. Now I have found a way to fix that problem, without any editing. First, you start 'be a pro' with...
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    request: european football for first season manger mode

    Is it possible for one of the excellent patch-makers here to tweak the game so one can play in the CL or EL from the beginning in managermode? It would be wonderfull to have some kind of combination between having the real-life rosters and the system ea uses for 'The Season'. When you start a...