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    Help! Fifa 21 DirectX Error 11 and 12

    Can someone help me? I have this error in my game. I've updated the Drive, I've installed an older one, but nothing solves it. Any suggestion?
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    after the last official update of fifa 20 the narration and menu sounds are gone. Anyone else with this problem? Can anyone help me with this problem?
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    Settings FIFA 20 in GTX 1660ti

    Hi, I don't know if anyone has had this problem with FIFA since ever, I've tried to modify all the settings, but so far nothing has definitely solved my problem. There are days that the game is in great gameplay, but when I finish playing and turn off the PC, and the next day I play again, the...
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    starting time in career mode

    Is there any way to unlock custom game hour in career mode? EA blocked this option
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    FA MOD

    I am using the FA MOD, I can not assign the cup stadium to the Russian champion's team, it is possible to get it with that mod, or only with authorization. I've changed there in CG File, but nothing has changed in the game, what can it be?