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    aNuke's Faces

    Guess who's back?! I though about giving the new frosty tool a are my first updates Thiago**Face Update Gareth Bale and Naingolan**Hair textures update
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    aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)

    Neymar JR
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    aNuk3's Faces

    Neymar texture update for default FIFA 15 model
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    My first update for FIFA 14 Can someone insert it in game and make screenshots?
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    A_Nuk3 FIFA 13 Faces

    fifa 13 facemaking champion!
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    aNuke's Faces

    Waiting for a convertor i decided to go ahead and start facemaking using "old" fifa 11 models! Here is my first for this season....Neymar Comments pls!
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    a_NuK3's Faces

    I cand't really play FIFA 11 because my cpu sucks..but i made some textures.... Gica Hagi..Ronaldo Nazario...Robinho Feel free to use them
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    Ankle tape texture

    Can someone please finde the ankle tape textures cose the current ones are crappy...i already made a patch regarding their strange size but i couldnt find the textures...(i want to make the white ankle tape white..not grey)...if someone finds them please tell me their name format.
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    aNuKe's face thread

    Hi! I'm aNuKe and here is where i'm going to post my FIFA 09 faces Adrian Mutu Ciprian Marica Dorin Goian Razvan Rat Banel Nicolita Cristiano Ronaldo Feel free to comment!!!