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    Greek Superleague for PES 2008 (includes stadiums and fixed rosters for all teams)

    Today the beta 2 of the Greek Superleague patch was released. It includes updated rosters for all teams (latest transfers etc.), plus : -12 Greek teams (rosters,kits,faces etc.) -Chants for Greek Teams -Faces for many players in European Leagues -Updated crowds for greek teams and many...
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    Selector For PES - Many PES on one PC!

    Selector is a tool which allows you to manage many PES installations on one PC. Selector is developed for WeHellas and the official webpage can be found here : (screenshots available) Download Links :
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    Problem Launching PES6 with Command Prompt.

    Hello, When I try to Launch Pro Evolution Soccer 6 through Windows Command prompt it will give me an AFS error. Anyone know the cause and any possible solution? Thanks in advance!
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    Football Manager 2007 is out!

    Hope I am not missing something, but I just ordered it! Hopefully it will be here in 3-4 hours!! Can't wait!! I haven't seen the demo therefore I am very anxious about it!
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    A tool pack.

    Here I made a tool pack today : For some programs you will ned some extra libraries like : Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 kai Microsoft Visual Basic 6 RunTime Files. Download Links for more updates check I will be adding more...
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    This is a World CUP 2006 patch made by a member of WeHellas Editing Team for WE10. Preview : Download : I know I posted it a bit too late, but... anyway if you need help...
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    2 players that can make you rich :P

    The one is kwabena agouda, which I bought and kept for 6 months, I signed him for free (his value is no more than 1m euro for sure) and his salary was about 150.000 euro per year. He is 20 years old when you start, ( I signed him during 2007). Well, I think that telling you that I sold him for...
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    WeHellas Greek Patch.

    I doubt anyone will be interested in that, but anyway it worths a try! You can get wehellas Greek League patch at Patch includes all Greek National Division A teams and 4 teams from Division B, new kits and rosters,70 faces, 36 new boots and new balls, Greek stadiums, greek...
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    Saudi Arabi

    I saw that they won world cup 2006 and I went there to see if they have any good players. To my surprise most of them were very good players. Go check them out, there is a very good attacker.
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    ARGH !! $^$%[email protected]&&@$&$#@&@

    why why why! I get some damn great players and when i Bid another (or maybe another 10 teams) bid with about 2 million more euro! I can't get any players lol....
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    Logitech RumblePad 2.

    Just got it, I have to say it is much better than Dual Action. What was bothering me the most with Dual action is the D-pad which sucked... in rumblePAD2 it is fixed and the buttons and the grip are now much better. Also vibration is added! Well what i am missing now is PES5 to enjoy it :D
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    Request Signature.

    Hey guys. I will give it another try. I need a signature and Soccergaming graphics experts is a good place to get it. So can anyone make me a juventus signature? I want the juventus logo on the right and Ibrahimovic on the sig for sure. Find some room for gian as well :D Thanks in advance...
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    IPB2.0 code changes

    Do you know any site which offers Invision Power Board code changes from Version 2.0 to the newest?? Like in phpBB which they offer code changes for heavily modded boards.
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    Need urgent help! (i need a book)

    Guys i am in need of a book which talks about Effects of technology in our life. (you know like polution and all that) It must be an english book about 150-300 pages. Please if you know anything it is urgent report as fast as possible!Till 2nite if possible :D
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    Anti-phising software. i foudn out about this software just now. available for Firefox and IE i 've read quite good words and i am gonna try it now I was using spoofstic (it just saw which site u were connected on) and it was a very basic protection. This seems more advanced.
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    Remote controller?

    I have a pinnacle remote controller which came with my tv card. I was wondering if i could use that as a computer remote controller mainly for winamp :D is there any driver/program which allows me to do that?
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    KITBAG shop?

    Some questions about that sg shop i just found. 1) It is located in UK right? 2) dOES it ship in Greece? 3) Is it sg who runs this in association with kitbag?
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    Did you guys know???

    That on free kicks when you press select and get 2 players on the ball (one to shoot and other on it) the player on the ball can shoot it?? I found out a week ago and i was amazed although i still haven't managed to score :(
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    HL2.. AFTERmath

    Yep it's true! Did you miss Hλ2? Expansion coming probably in summer! I can't wait one of the new few 1st person shooters that managed to keep me stuck :D I only hope for some more freedom like more choices about hiding or running away from guards than this scripted thing. P.S...
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    Sig and avatar request!

    gzz I know i request a sig again but i need a new one sry xD If someone could make me a Juventus sig with Zlatan it would be very good. i want it smth like small black on top like -------------------------------- carrying juventus badge and writing Juventus with a ncie text effect :D...