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    Schalke, Newcastle or Marseille (FM15)

    Hey everyone It's been too long! had my SG withdrawals (H) Which should I manage? many thanks
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    This blows
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    The new AXE ad on the top of the beautiful SG forums....stinks

    I dont mind even if the extra add-on comes on but the sound stinks ffs. (Y) Other then that it's great the way the forums are running. Keep up the great work everyone.
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    There's a new Sheriff in Town.

    FC Sheriff Tiraspol History The club was founded in 1997 by the Sheriff company, which in 2002 constructed the Sheriff Stadium in Tiraspol to serve as the team's home ground. They have dominated Moldovan football since 2001, winning all the championship titles in the Divizia...
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    Windows 7 and what internet browser you recommend me please.

    Yep I finally upgraded and got me a brand new toshiba laptop 17in and IE isnt cutting it imo. Thanks.
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    RIP Jose Lima.

    what a character. ITS LIMA TIME (H)
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    Dude wtf!

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    only give me advice if your liked by me ;)

    haha good evening everyone (6:45pm) so I know I haven't posted much in a while. But I'm finally taking my externship to Spain for 3 months (more if I decide to stay) after Jan, 2011. But my exact destination in that city won't be annouced to be officially till Dec, 12th 2010. So my externship...
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    Paraguay forward Cabanas shot I for one am disgusted with the situation especially when this man has done so much in that mexican league. And for him to...
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    Special Privilege? yea right....f*ck you I'm sick of this bs with all the African teams doing this sh!t. Fifa needs to start suspending these federations who keep pulling this stunt. I consider this "cheating", and it's...
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    Would anyone care to make me a sig please.

    It's been a year and a half since I had a sig made for me since my beloved ICEBLU vanished and he was always nice enough to make me all the sigs. And since I've always admire Claudio Pizarro's talent would someone who isn't busy make me a Pizarro sig? here are some pictures. I love all you guys...
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    Latest transfer update for FM 07?

    is it released yet? I would love to start playing FM 07 with the latest transfer updates. Thanks,
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    my friend is looking to purchase the game to download it...

    Hey everyone I was wondering if that is still out you know. I heard that you can purchase the game but instead of getting the cd they give u a download link to download the full version game? is this possible or was it a lie. Now I don't want any part in warez so if its that he's talking about...
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    Help me pick a lower league team please....

    I'am looking for a challenge since I just updated to 7.0.1 I would like to manage club that i can bring to the top league (ex. english, italian, german, spanish etc..) any suggestions would be great. thanks,
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    Is it worth playing updating to 7.0.2?...

    I been playing 7.0.0 for the past month is there really a (good) difference to play the game with the 7.0.2 patch?
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    How can we make the database for fm 2007 be alot bigger....

    instead of clicking on each country can we select all? another question. how could when I pick to manager a peruvian club why aren't the other clubs from the argentine league, brazil, chile, etc not having seasons also? the reason I ask this is because come copa libertadores the...
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    Question about Feeder clubs....

    I'm coaching Portsmouth is there any way of picking what team u want the feeder club to be? instead of letting the front office pick lousy thanks,