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    The Official SG Merry Christmas Thread

    Merry Christmas :lui: Have some crazy Christmas Lights rmgf60CI_ks I don't know how to embed video :$
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    Graphics card is cooking

    My Radeon X800XT graphics card has lately started reaching ridiculous temperatures (up to 120C) when I play games. It started when I updated the driver from quite an old version (can't remember exactly but around 7.1 I think) to 7.5. I'm thinking this was just a coincidence though as I have...
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    Curbishley in talks with unknown player at hotel

    Apparently this picture was taken at Waltham Abbey Hotel earlier today. Anyone recognise the player? I reckon it looks a bit like Moutinho or Arteta.
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    How much will Chelsea spend in the next transfer window?

    I'm reckoning on some serious money. Discuss.
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    Contract renewals

    I'm currently in the 2012/2013 season. Rooney and Ronaldo are in the last year of their contracts but are not interested in renewing. I offered them both new contracts at the beginning of the season when they were happy to discuss but they rejected them and now they won't even negotiate...
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    There's a fly buzzing round my room

    It's annoying the fuck out of me. How should I kill it?
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    How the **** did he manage this?

    Link A force spokesman said: "This is a highly unusual set of circumstances" - bet it is :funny:
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    Should women tennis players get the same prize money as the men?

    Following the decision to give equal prize money to male and female winners at Wimbledon the same prize money (link), what does the forum think on the subject? Personally I reckon they should only get it if they start playing best of 5 sets - doesn't seem particularly fair that they get the...
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    Is there no way of preventing all these spam messages (one of those enter code to register thingies or summat)? The forum's getting a bit shite as it is but these are really dragging it down.
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    Oi Lurkers...

    Register FFS. Viewing stats at the moment: Currently Active Users: 558 (83 members and 475 guests) :nape: This place needs more life.
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    Black Screen II

    Like Andreas I've also been having problems withh a black screen but mine's a bit different. My computer has suddenly decided that, after all the Bios screens and such like but before Windows starts to load up, it's going to give me a screen that is completely black except from a little...
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    The Arctic Monkeys

    Some of there stuff is great, IMO. Has great energy and some of the lyrics say a lot. Not keen on it all though. Great potential. Opinions?
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    Any chance of a name change?

    Can someone change my name please. My current one makes me sound like a complete noob ar best or a glory hunting Chelsea **** at worst. Haven't got any clever ideas (although input is welcome) so I think my name would be the best replacement. I think there is already a William posting on the...
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    Anyone got a spare £325000 they'd like to give me...

    only I though I might buy one of these :O
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    Why you should never trust anyone you meet online...

    Man gets online dating surprise :shades:
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    Computer keeps crashing...

    ... when I open the AOE III demo. When ever I open the demo I just get a blank blue screen and my computer freezes completely. I'm not having the problem with anything else that I've tried. I've tried updating my graphics card drivers and re-installing DirectX and the demo but still no luck...
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    Can't play .AVI files

    I've tried playing a .Avi file in both Windows Media 10 and Real Player and it crashes both of them. It doesn't give any error message. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?
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    The Official FC United of Manchester Thread

    FC UNITED OF MANCHESTER Established: 2005 by fans opposed to the Glazer takeover Official site: Manager: Karl Marginson Squad: Details Here Signings: Dave Chadwick from Prescott Cables Fixtures: 20/08/2005 15:00 Padiham...
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    You're just a town full of bombers Absolutely disgusting behaviour.
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    McLeish wants Old Firm in EPL... I think he's missing something. it's the English Premier League, not the Let- Fuck-Knows-Who-In-League-Just-Because-They-Reckon-They're-Too-Fucking-Good-For-Their-Own-Country. Stay in Scotland where you fucking belong, You're not...