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    How Do I Insert HD Kits In FIFA 15?

    How do i insert HD kits in FIFA 15? I try CM15 but it says that the size is wrong. :\ Thanks four your help. (Y)
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    A question for italians: Why Italy wears a blue shirt?

    Any italian can tell me why Italy national team uses the blue color if that color is not in his national flag? Same question for japanese people. Thanks
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    How many balls are in the game?

    In the demo eaball, in screens i saw an umbro ball. there´s another balls in the game? THX :)
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    Kits request: New Mexico kits that was revealed yesterday.

    I hope one of the best kitmakers of this forum can make this kits. THX :rockman: Home
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    No more mirrored boots!!!!!!!1

    I found this in fifamania italia They edited the estructure of the boots!
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    FCDB XP 2003 !!!! Finally!!!

    Sylvain Cadillac the creator of fcdb xp 2002 and wcpatcher is back with FCDB XP 2003!!! I dont know french and i can´t say the release date all the information is in I translate this with altavista Opening of the data bases FIFA 2003...
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    The first new stadium to fifa 2003!!!! they made the first new stadium for fifa 2003. Stadium Dall'Ara di Bologna
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    Kit request: New Lazio sleeveless kit

    Please somebody make the new sleeveless 2003 of S.S Lazio I hope Rossoneri could make this kit. Thx Bye
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    Player Editor of

    You can: -Import a new texture of face for players. -Edit the hair chosing between 41 types -Edit the entire structure .O of the face choosing between 80 types of visible structures through frontal preview to colors and structure in profile polygons -Import new shoes to the best players...
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    Kit request

    Kit editors please make the kit of DIDA the keeper of ac milan thanks.
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    Which club teams are in the Rest of the world section?

    Which club teams are in the Rest of the world section? Thanks:)
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    which teams will come in the demo?

    which teams will come in the demo?
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    New Eagraph
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    Nike ball in fifa2003?

    I see 3 diferent balls un the fifa2003 screens; adidas fevernova, adidas finale and nike geomerlin This 3 balls will be in the final game?
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    The first ingame fifa2003 video!!!!

    This is the first really ingame video!!!!!!!!!!! It`s from the ects , Juventus vs Roma thanks to Check the badges on the...
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    FIFA 2003 will have an editor like fed or fcdb xp!

    I translate the last words of the article of the german magazine of this tread German: Pierre Hintzc, der produzent der pc version, zeigte unz auch den neuen editor. Dieses separate windows programm will ea bereits vor der...
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    Wc Patcher Released The Ultimate Patch for WC2002!!! Features : - A goalkeeper kit for each team. - A new kit format: NGK (more pictures per kit). - A numbers set for each kit. - Names on the back of the players. - Automatic setup with conversion of existing...
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    News in in german please i need help to translate this news!

    In are some news they test the alpha version in London but i don't understand what they said because it´s in german ,please someone that speak german translate it, thanks! Bei unserem EA-Besuch in London haben wir nicht nur schöne deutsche Musik gehört (siehe hier), sondern...
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    Manchester united fx add-on where?

    Where can i find a manu fx add-on? thanks
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    More pictures fifa 2003 Armed with an 'ALL NEW game engine' (their capitals), EA Sports are once again promising to address the gameplay problems that seem to bedevil the FIFA series. Crucially, developers EA Canada have spruced up the ball physics and after playing the game at EA's UK press event...