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    Converted kits for fifa 07

    @ IIIyJIeP : I'm gonna need better pics!!! @ bactro : just give me a couple of days!
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    Converted kits for fifa 07

    after my long dissappearnce i'm back! was getting bored so thought maybe i should do this once again! it always has been fun in converting kits! will be awaitng requests!
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    Stevi G's Workshop For FIFA 10

    wow mate i never thought that a thread this old would be still active even though i gt lazy and stopped visiting or posting in this forum i love! anyways mate i will upload the files and refresh the links pretty soon probably till tuesday max i promise mate!
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    FIFA 11 PC accomplishments

    the easiest way to score goals is to play using a v. good club agaisnt a poor one and to change the formation of that poor club so that there are no defenders but all attackers(in edit teams) so one simple chiped or ground through ball will provide a goal scoring oppurtunites. it wnt wrk while...
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    FIFA 11 new File structure - Analysis, experiments and discussions thread

    I second that bro! hahahaha the game will definetly lag if we will add 100 mods but it would be super if it didnt i used the very same software for hitman games and using hyper ripper i found out that it actually opened big files. perhaps we can request the person who developed it(i forgot...
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    FIFA 11 new File structure - Analysis, experiments and discussions thread

    great tool mate when is the release planned? and is fifa 11 out in stores? the full version?
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    FIFA 11 new File structure - Analysis, experiments and discussions thread

    love the software mate. hope nthng stops the relase of this program!
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    News about FIFA11

    mate the graphics will never be the same as to the console version. the most u can expect is that the engine is the similar to that of console but i dnt think they ever will make it the same. If they do so they will be in a loss as the pc sales will increase bt there will be a drastic decrease...
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    Be A Pro Camera

    thnks m8. any idea y these dnt wrk? mabe u can look nto them?
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    Be A Pro Camera

    thnks every1! i cnt post screens as i myself dnt hve the pc version b/c nw i hve 360 :D. so plz try bth files and tell me if any wrks!
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    Be A Pro Camera

    Hi every1 i'm bck aftr my lng disappernce fm ths forum! ;) i have gone through a gr8 deal of trouble 4 ths but finally i have done it! Download Here Note: thre r 2 files. i dnt knw which wrks. i just extrcted these frm the xbox 360 version of FIFA 10! Comments are welcomed. And...
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    Share your Manager Mode team

    hey PavPev have u dwnloaded ur gameface 4 ur pro?
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    Gameface PS3/360

    i cant even find the page nw. the page jst disappeard
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    ..:: 2010 FIFA World Cup Game - Adding Mod Thread ::..

    mate this mod is for fifa 2010 which ea designed so i dnt think we should
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    Anybody working on editting?

    i am afraid its nt possible. I tried it but the file format is totaly differnt and for me it was an unsuccessful
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    Fix Model

    i wanted to do that but its already done by pkbomb in the kits forum Spoox mate check Here
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    'Project SoccerGaming Team' thread, version 2010.

    Mate this project is done...... applications are closed. Read the first post and it is mentioned a few posts earlier
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    Fifa World Cup 2010 Game

    oh i see. No harm in keeping hopes :D
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    How to: Convert .o files to .3ds?

    as soon as my computer is fixed. I have ordered a pc on demand with my own requiremnts. It will take some time bt i dnt knw exactly when so i cant say anything for nw Oh and off tpic my name is Stevi G nt Stevi_G :P