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    Classico: FC Porto vs SL Benfica

    Fucile is such a ******* pig. I have always hated that ****!
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    SL Benfica [2010|2011]

    Best LB in the world.
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    New Kits 2011/2012

    At last a nice, simple shirt. Love it. That Porto away kit looks hideous...
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    The UEFA Champions League 2010/11 Thread

    Still on the sent off. I don't know if Pepe tried to get to the ball, or if he could've avoided that high foot, what i know is that if, for instance, Dani Alves had his leg on the ground, he would be in a really big trouble by now And considering Pepe's history, well...
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    The UEFA Champions League 2010/11 Thread

    If Dani Alves didn't take his leg out of there he would probably have no leg by now. How can that be a wrong sent off? Does that justify his show off? No. It's still a red card.
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    Los Clásicos: Real Madrid vs Barcelona [P+R]

    Messi isn't a saint, nobody is a saint. Except actual saints, or maybe not. He's a normal guy, that lost his temper there, and that will surely happen again, but let's not compare that to the prick Ronaldo is. It's like saying that because Hitler was a vegetarian he was a good person (too...
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

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    [Pearl Harbour] a longing Vengeance

    That image is just as stupid as the people who wrote those things. Well, maybe not so stupid, but pretty close.
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    Goal of the Week

    This one shows the whole play: What a goal!
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    Chelsea F.C [2010-2011]

    Really happy for Luiz and Ramires.
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    That's a fact you gladly persist in ignoring when we say it. Apart from the Javi sent off, which I would still be pissed off on. It's not about Benfica really, I get pissed off when a player is sent off unfairly, like Van Persie in Camp Nou for instance. Again, I didn't blame everyone else...
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    Because he's Jesus...
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    I don't know about Tiago, but I'm not saying that we lost the league with this game, nor because of the referee. Both compilations you two showed are pathetic, some plays are just to pathetic to even comment. I think we leave the game being more prejudiced than Braga, not because I'm a Benfica...
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    FC Barcelona Thread [2010/11]

    Best. Team. Ever.
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    It's amazing that all you have to say is that, even when he's congratulating you on the title. And when we know that all he said is true. You're so annoying.
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    We are playing really great now, it's a shame we got of with such a bad start to the season, or else we could still have a real chance to win the Liga. Still, that was a sweet win yesterday.
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    FC Barcelona Thread [2010/11]
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    FC Barcelona Thread [2010/11]

    This is actually sad, Filipower, just sad, nothing more, nothing less.
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    Liverpool FC

    Meireles looks much better in red xD