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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Hello there everybody, here's where I'll continue posting my kits for the upcoming Fifa 14! The focus will probably be on swedish and scandinavian kits, as always. Enjoy! Kit index Sweden - Home, Away, GK Mexico - Home, GK Germany - Home Malmö FF - Home, Away, 3rd, GK AIK Solna - Home, Away...
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Hi there everyone, long time no see! I thought I might give this a go, just bought my Fifa the other week and finally took the step from keyboard to the Xbox-controller. But as usual, the funnier part of a new Fifa is the kit editing, so here's the first kit. Lots of comments are appreciated...
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Hey there! This thread will probably not be a long one, but I thought I'd might give it a go. --------------Kit Index--------------- Arsenal - home shirt and shorts, away shirt and shorts, third shirt and shorts Everton - home shirt and shorts, away shirt and shorts, GK home shirt and...
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    Design Template's Resource

    Hey there everybody! I've decided to share my design templates for the first time ever, I thought that would might benefit the community and everybody who enjoys Fifa modding. Feel free to post your own templates as well, this isn't supposed to be my own thread, it's open for everybody who...
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    6th Chapter - Kits by Sundsvall

    Hi everybody! Im back for a kit or two, i hope you will enjoy them. I'll focus on Swedish teams, but there might be some space for other teams as well. First out is the newly promoted team, Åtvidabergs FF Home and Away: And now some kits i made a while ago, Mariehem SK, a team in the 4th...
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    How to do a lobb shot in fifa 10?

    Okay, I might sound like the biggest noob ever, but i can live with that. I've still not managed to figure out how to do a lobb shot in the new game?
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    Sundsvalls flag thread

    Heya guys! thought i could start a thread for my flags, i'll try to make flags for all swedish teams. here comes the first ones: Hammarby IF
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    Sundsvall & Crisronaldo's kit and kitmaking resource

    Hi there again guys! First of all I wanna appologize for not being active on the forums, I have alot of schoolwork to do and a recently started company as well. I hope you understand. Now, here's what this thread is about: I may post kits here this year too, but dont expect very much...
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    Separated edit and kit forums?

    hey guys, do you want to have all kits and other stuffs in the same forum or separated like before? (fifa kits forum / fifa editing forum)
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    Fifa 09 template?

    Hi everybody! Today EA Sports released the template for FIFA MANAGER 09, it's very similar to the fifa 08 template, with some changes. Can this possibly be the fifa 09 template too? I like it, what do you think?
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    World of fifa patch

    Hi everyone! As some of you already know, myx is making a world of fifa patch and it would be great if we can complete it together, so please have a look of what he need: - Kits with Minikits (use pkbomb totorial if you dont know how to make minikits) - EA Style logos and banners - Cmp...
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    Which is the most wanted adidas kit at SG?

    the question is in the title, please answer. go go go!
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    Club Kits Quick Search

    Club Kits Quick Search Kitmakers, please post a link here if you have made any listed team kit -You can get this link by clicking on the # at the top right of your post- .:comments goes into the kitmakers threads, this thread is made to make it easier to find kits for teams in the best...
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    Kitmaking question thread (questions about how to improve your kitmaking)

    Welcome to the kitmaking questions thread! this is the place where you can ask the pro's everything about kitmaking and how to do. Feel free to ask anything here, either to a specific kitmaker or just ask everybody! the meaning of the thread is simply to help kitmakers getting better :)
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    Kit request thread (request kits here, provide logos and photos)

    if you need something , ask for it here, instead of the kitmakers threads please note: you can also ask for logos and badges etc! Requesters: post a kit you want people to make for you. provide, if possible, logos, sponsors and the actual jersey's pictures. say please and thanks KitMakers...
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    Kit forum FAQ, Rules and Questions (ask your questions about the forum here)

    .: Rules for the kit forum - please read :. 1. ONE THREAD per kitmaker, unless you've reached 100 pages. Do not post 1 thread per kit/team ;) 2. Plagiarism (copying of other people's work, using other's people work without their explicit permission) IS NOT ALLOWED. 3. Please do not post...
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    .: Sundsvall and Crisronaldo's kit and minikit thread :.

    hi and welcome to our thread! this year, I and crisronaldo will share our kits in the same thread, but the kits will be just the same quality ;) If you have any requests, I wont make them if they aren't fantasy kits etc or kits using a design that i already have, i dont really know about...
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    Note for the kitmakers

    hey there! i just wanted to notice all kitmakers around that all my textures will be located in the "resources thread" from now on, if you wonder how to find em!
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    Kitmaking resource thread [tutorials, textures, fonts and more]

    .:.:: Kitmaking resource thread ::.:. Welcome to the resource thread! this is the thread where you will find: Tutorials Textures Links for good sites which will make your kitmaking easier Fonts .: Tutorials (made by Curswine) How to draw good seems and lines on a kit PART 1 How to draw...
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    New moderator!

    hey guys! since a new fifa forum is started and sub-forums will be started, with much questions and much new posts, we have decided to ad 2 moderators for the fifa forums. the first one is ready and it is Keegan, the master of boots! Another mod will be anounced in the next few days..