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    Fifa 11 adboards by Elendil030.

    I'd like to know too :)
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    FIFA 11 Optimization

    The fix for this problem is setting Anti-Aliasing at a set value in your control panel of either Nvidia or ATi. Do not set it to application-controlled, this causes the lag.
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    FIFA 11 New Tele Camera

    looks great man, good stuff
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    PES2007(PC) patch released!

    Also for offline play?
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    Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits

    No matter how hard you look, these kits are the best on the net. Pure ownage.
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    Loz99 Editing

    What happened to his mouth?
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    Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits

    They look amazing man!
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    Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits

    Wow that chelsea kit is really good man!
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    Scoreboard 2in1 Ver. 2.0 - EPL and Champions League

    Read... he is using that OF.
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    PSVFan's faces

    Lucius eyes are not that close together.. they are further apart.
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    Screen Shattering

    Turn on V-SYNC.
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    Kitserver 6

    Camerahack would be nice but I think there isn't anybody even close to getting it. I would like a random Start and Menu screen server. That would rock :bob: Just imagine a folder in Kitserver with all of those wonderfull start and menu screens floating around on the web, and then randomly...
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    PES6 PC: Are you playing with the keyboard or with a gamepad?

    Joypad offcourse Logitech Rumblepad 2 ftw.
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    Evolution Patch Released

    No Feyenoord??? :kader: :kader:
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    mIGUEL. | EPL Stadiums and Adboards, UEFA Champions League Adboards - PES6 |

    Am I glad I started an ML with ManUtd, now I can play in this stadium all the time :D
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    Evolution Patch for PES 6

    What makes you think I care whether you care or not? :drevil:
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    Kitserver 6

    Me 2 :D
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    Evolution Patch for PES 6

    No dutch league = No download.