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    Ra\/'s Kit Thread []

    Let's begin the following season! Wisła Kraków Adidas HOME Shirt 0,572 0,544 ----------- 0,605 0,630
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    Juventus Away Kit

    Hi, Why Juventus has an old away kit in FIFA 11, in spite of the fact, that in DEMO there was the new one? :icon_spin:
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    Camera unlocking

    Hey, maybe someone of You knows, how to make camera unlocked? Is there another way to see players from all sides? We still don't have kits model and I want to make myself a kit template.
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    RaV's Workshop []

    FIFA 11 Season Shakhtar Donetsk Nike MINIKITSPACK
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    .:|:.Kits by Ra\/ .:|:.

    Hi, Let's FIFA 10 Poland Nike HOME Kit
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    [FIFA 09]Ra\/'s Kits Thread

    "Hey Hi Hello" New Game - New Thread FIFA 09 Kits Celtic Glasgow... AwAy ...
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    Ra\/'s Kits Thread

    Hi, I'm Ra\/ - Polish Kitsmaker... I'm working for FIFAGroup - I am making kits... I don't be show up my kits to FIFA 07, so rate my kit to new FIFA :] Manchester United 07/08 AWAY: I'm waiting for Yours grades ;)