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    NFL Thread 2014

    Pre-season officially started this week and only a month away for the season to kick off. Panthers played somewhat well, too bad we lost on a turnover (go figure) after almost coming close to possibly winning it. On the plus side, lets get these losses out of the way so the season is about wins.
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    real madrid thred

    Real Madrid C.F Stadium Coach Kits Squad G 1 Iker Casillas G 13 Jesus Fernandez G 25 Diego Lopez D 17 Álvaro Arbeloa D 15 Daniel Carvajal D 28 Jorge Casado D 18 Nacho Fernandez D 3 Pepe D 38 Diego Javier Llorente D 4 Sergio Ramos...
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    Movie you regret watching

    Well, the title says it all, figured a make this thread after the Vanilla sky movie that Skip mentioned. Epic Movie - have no idea why I even watched this piece of Shit, and regret even doing so. The Matrix Revolutions - If series have a season when they should of stopped making them...
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    Well, so far here in Southern California we have been hit with a 5.3 earthquake on Friday, and a 4.2 today. With 100's of small quakes in between. Tune in the local news and you would think we were just hit by "The Big one" :willis: Hopefully it's not leading that way.
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    World Cup Draw

    Well, we are only a few days away from finding out who will play who in Brazil 2014.
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    Jose and the Special Ones

    I didn't know where to post this, so I decided to create this thread here in the Soccer Forum. If it needs to be move, then so be it. Jose Mourinho and the Special Ones FthAcqi-rJA (H)
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    The most Generous thing you've ever done!

    O'k, so I just read that Sir_Didier_Drogba give donuts to the homeless. So that brought this question to my mind and thus, this thread has been created. So go on, post the most generous thing you've ever done. On a trip to Mexico. A man had drank himself to sleep and had not paid his lunch meal on the...
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    Real Madrid C.F. [2013-2014]

    Real Madrid C.F. Stadium Santiago Bernabeu Manager Carlos Ancelotti Squad T.B.D :\ HALA MADRID!!
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    NFL 2013 Thread

    Well, Bit of late news, but New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow. That was big news, but now Aaron Hernandez has taken the spotlight. Aaron Hernandez, is being investigated for a possible murder of one of his "friends". Upon Police request, he turned in his cell phone completely destroyed...
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    Euro 2020 to be held across Europe

    I find this interesting, looks like it would just be like the CL. The problem I see is that the cost to follow a team for a fan would be a bit high, specially since it's in a span of one month. Discuss!!
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    Real Madrid [2012-2013]

    It's all about the CL. :sKIp_E: Will add more as I get the chance.
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    The Return of the Toon Army!!

    :sKIp_E: to all those that said they wouldn't make it back up :sKIp_E: :33vff3o: Newcastle promoted, Peterborough go down
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    Mayweather Jr. Vs Marquez

    I gotta say, I'm not much of a boxing fan... but this match has me really on the edge of my seat. Really looking forward to it, and since I'm not much of a Mayweather fan because of his cockiness.. I hope Marquez pulls out an upset. :sKIp_E::sKIp_E:
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    Prepare for vuvuzelas at next year’s World!!

    I don't know if this is worthy of a new thread, so i'll let the people decide. I know some of you are not happy with the sound of them during the Confederation cup, as was I, but prepare for them to be around the world cup next year. I personally have become annoyed with them and to have o deal...
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    ESPN Acquires La Liga and Premier League Packages

    Some very interesting news for the U.S football fans.
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    Actor and comedian Bernie Mac dies at age 50 :clapwap::clapwap: A sad day for the comedy world.. I for one am shock at this. R.I.P Bernie Mac.. Guess the heavens needed another comedian and they saw you as the next one to open.
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    Group C: France v Netherlands (P+R)

    What a F*** ing game France are getting owend and the orange continue playing some great football
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    Uefa Cup

    Just thought I start a thread.. Anyone else watching the Everton v Fiorentina or Spurs - PSV games?? Both at the moment in extra time.. It has been some great back and forth football from both games and all teams..
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    One extremely lucky SOB!!

    Alright guys were to start.. Here's is something that happened over the weekend that has left me in a state of amazement. If you guys remember a few months ago my ordeal with a small accident with my car - a 05 Nissan Sentra SE-R . Well over the weekend my brother decided to take it for a...