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    Best goal in Gif

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    enable Direct IP connection it enables direct ip conection :bob::fluffy:
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    Turkey - Hungary

    REFERRE WAS A F...... CHEATER :kader:
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    turf in fifa 2008

    My first turf update not ready but i think more better than original I wait another turf (maker) and comments.
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    New Shooting System

    full PLease more information and experience this system :rolleyes: I wait many observations :lui: Thanks
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    commentary links (all)

    First Hungary Wait another
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    turf in fifa 2007

    little help if somebody want fix up turf pattern zdata16 in t229 files for example t229__0_0_0.fsh t229__0_0_1.fsh .... 154 different fsh (because many work) in everything fsh: many turf picture one exaple t229__0_0_0.fsh open with fsh editor original one...
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    Best Goals In Gif

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    New turf and Adboard

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    online cheaters

    Tonight i play online Juventus-Manchester And see Ashley Cole, Puyol, Jaka, Adriano, Ronaldinho, Shewchenko, Owen in Manchester?????????????????? :hump: This is not correct :lui:
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    Online servers crashing?

    Whats happened?
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    Pes5 stadium list

    First Delle Alpi 10356 10367 10378 10400 10411 Monaco 9960 9971 9982 9993 10004 10015 München 9894 9905 9916 9927 9938 9949 Orange Arena 9828 9839 9850 9861 9872 9883 Old Trafford 10026 10037 10048 10059 10070 10081 Parc des Princes...
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    Updated demo with full English commentary

    Konami has released an updated demo (local US mirrror ~ 270MB) (now with full English commentary) for Pro Evolution Soccer 5, giving the chance to try out this upcoming soccer simulation game. As before, the demo allows you to play a match with: Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Valencia. The...
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    Frenkie Update Full Fifa 2006

    Coming New Adboard New kits (another maker) New turfs
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    Pes5 demo face list

    the picture make jAsOn VoOrHeEs in fifahungary
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    Frenkie Turf Update

    turf update, just beta test Another
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    Best Goals In Gif

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    Fifa 2006 Bugs

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    Fifa 2006 Adboards

    Cl Adboards
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    Frenkie recommendation

    Firts this great patch WORLD CUP 1930-2006 "ALL TIME BEST" by EddieCrow