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    FIFA 16 Impressions (Demo/Full Game)

    I mod the heck out of it, and as such usually don't play online.
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    FIFA 16 Impressions (Demo/Full Game)

    Does FIFA 16 look like a worthwhile buy, or should I wait until FIFA 17?
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    FIFA 16 News

    And you'll probably need CM16 to get the most out of females in FIFA.
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    FIFA 16 Faces

    If I'm not mistaken, tattoos are a complicated copyright issue. People playing Madden gripe about the tats all the time.
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    FIFA 16 News

    The mods for this should be good. :mrpimp: Still hasn't convinced me on FIFA vs PES, 2016 Edition, though.
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    ManUtdFan20's Boots

    I don't, and I haven't. I was saying I would download them if they were available. The most I can do in paint programs is copy and paste lol. I'm on a bit of a search for custom cleats, and I got curious about those when I came across those pics.
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    Anyone Make MLS Adboards?

    To me, it's trying to become a wannabe Barclays Premier League while still clinging to formats of the NFL, NBA, and MLB.
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    Problem With Commentary Names

    In FIFA, it's more dependent on commentary ID values than anything else. In games like Madden all you had to do was type in the last name and if it was a name recognized in the commentary DB, the commentators said that name. In FIFA, the player has to have the matching player ID number for the...
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    Ultimate Team Half Length Offline

    Same here, and I wish I could play 45 min. halves. That said, playing short halves calls for a huge adjustment - I can't just take my time and let the play develop realistically like I can with long games.
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    Best Kits In FIFA 13

    Best in what way? EA's rendition of them?
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    Creation Master 12 Compatible W/ FIFA 13

    Issues with Origin? Hopefully something similar will come down the road - I have a hard time doing my roster and player edits without it.
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    Cant Login To EASFC

    It's been sporadic for me. I like to think it's EA's server maintenance or something
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    Can A Person From The UK Purchase US FIFA 13

    Is that also why the MLS games received their own intro music in FIFA for the past while?
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    FIFA Player IDs List - All FIFAs

    The only thing missing now is which ones have commentary IDs associated with them - not everyone has their name announced by the announcers. Though, I admit, that would be trivial.
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    Creation Master 12 Compatible W/ FIFA 13

    Out of the loop and getting back into the swing of things.
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    Can A Person From The UK Purchase US FIFA 13

    You might need to do the whole proxy thing to get it. That'd be my only guess as to how you could get that from there.
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    Creation Master 12 Compatible W/ FIFA 13

    And that's the stuff I need to edit lol (My first thing, though, is simply locating the FIFA13 DB)
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    Creation Master 12 Compatible W/ FIFA 13

    So can it be used to edit anything, or will we have to wait for CM13?
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    FIFA 13 Modding - What do we know?

    I know it (the demo) just came out and all, but with the life cycle these games tend to have...